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What Is Grad Trip?

Grad Trip is like schoolies but 100 times better! It’s 7 days of continuous adventure, fun and partying! You have a whole island dedicated to you and your fellow schoolies! Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner; daily activities organised by the Unleashed Crew and wicked themed parties at night! Ultimately it’s a holiday and schoolies in one!

Where is Grad Trip?

Grad Trip isn’t in just one location but 4 so whether you’re looking to relax by the beach, explore villages and the Cascade Falls, be a true tourist and visit the coolest iconic landmarks or experience a new culture and volunteer at an orphanage, there is something for everyone!

Fiji: Golden soft sand, clear blue water, palm trees providing shade for the hammocks and killer beats playing all day and night!

Vanuatu: Set in blue and drenched in sunshine filled with loads of activities, Hideaway Island is an adventure Grad Trip!

Europe: Travelling through Europe in the white winter is the ultimate experience! Visiting 10 of the most popular countries with the coolest landmarks on your Grad Trip!

Cambodia: Open your eyes to a new culture and give back to the community through volunteer work during the day and relax and unwind at local restaurants and bars each night.

So no matter what you’re looking for in terms of schoolies, grad trip covers everything and is definitely the way to go!

Who Attends Grad Trip?

Grad Trips are designed for school leavers aged between 17 and 18 looking for the ultimate schoolies experience! If you and your mates are looking for something different and want to branch out from the typical “schoolies” stereotype then Grad Trip is for you!

This is perfect for you if your parents are very concerned about your safety when on schoolies. It is also great for you if you’re not 18 yet as Grad Trips have much more to offer than alcohol and parties.

When Is Grad Trip?

Grad Trip occurs over three weeks beginning late November and ending mid December during “schoolies” time. It’s the perfect time for you and your friends to celebrate finishing school and the HSC before getting those unwanted results back.

Why Choose Grad Trip?

Grad Trip is 7 days of absolute awesomeness! You get to choose your own adventure whether that be exploring Europe, volunteering in Cambodia, hiking through Vanuatu or snorkelling in Fiji! You have full control of how you wanna spend your Grad Trip!

You and your friends can spend your day relaxing by the pool, playing volleyball, snorkelling, hiking and even visiting awesome landmarks! At night you get to dress up and have a boogie on the dancefloor at our wicked themed parties!

How Do You Grad Trip?

Step 1: Choose your Grad Trip from the TRIPS menu up top.

Step 2: Call Matt, your Grad Trip Guru to have any of your questions answered and to begin planning your grad trip today!

Step 3: Get your friends on board!

Step 4: Get Matt to help you get your parents on board!

Step 5: Book your trip!

Step 6: Countdown to your #tripofalifetime


Hi, I'm Matty!

I'm your Grad Trip go-to-guy!

M: 0402 377 186
P: 1800 981 320




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