Destination Crew

Role & Responsibilities:

The “Unleashed Crew” is a team of experienced travellers from various backgrounds including, youth workers, teachers, university students and personal trainers. The “Crew” are all senior first aid certified and experienced in managing groups. The role of the “Unleashed Crew” is:

  1. Meet all Unleashed guests at the airport in AUS/NZ as they depart for their destination.
  2. Escort all Unleashed guests through the flight and transfer process.
  3. Always be approachable with questions, issues or concerns.
  4. Available 24 hours, you are equipped with local mobile phones. Hotel/resort reception can call you anytime on the guests behalf.
  5. If there is a situation whereby an Unleashed guest must leave the resort or island and visit a doctor or hospital then they will be escorted by you. All locations have emergency action plans in place.
  6. You are the big brother/ sister, there to make sure students have a smooth trip. You address all obstacles that arise and ensure no student is left behind.
  7. Your job is to facilitate good times and be stern with students when required, without coming off bossy.
  8. You will also work with the Red Frogs, Hotel Coordinators and Hotel Staff to ensure everyone has a #TripofaLifetime!

Who you are:

  • You are a trip animator.
  • You are easy going and fun to get along with.
  • You like helping others have the best Grad Trip.
  • You are flexible and are willing to go beyond to make sure things are done right.
  • You have the ability to multitask and manage large groups of students.
  • You are a good team player who wants to see the team be successful.
  • You see this as an opportunity to learn and become a vital part of our Destination Crew while enjoying what the destination has to offer.
  • You are 19+ of age


This role is purely on a voluntary basis. No remuneration is provided for your time on destination. Unleashed will cover return flights, accommodation, meals and offer a daily allowance while on destination.

How to Apply:

Applications for 2019 are now open! Apply now through our JOIN UNLEASHED page!

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