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Summer’s here, and school's nearly out – for good. You’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to let loose! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, take note of the schoolies 2021 dates, and plan the trip of a lifetime.

Here at Unleashed, we are dedicated to creating unbelievable life experiences for people just like you – people that are done with school, done with responsibility, and are looking to get out and explore the world. Whether you want to party hard or change someone’s life for the better, our enthusiastic team of travel experts are here to help.

Schoolies 2021 is just around the corner. Don’t wait any longer. Adventure awaits.

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Schoolies 2021 made easy 

Year 12 is hard – we totally get it. The last thing you need is the stress of planning a holiday, especially during the peak schoolies 2021 dates.

That’s why more than 20,000 high school graduates choose to take on the world with Unleashed. We take care of all of the boring bits and pieces – booking flights and accommodation and other mundane tasks – so you can focus on the fun stuff. You’ve earned it.

Our schoolies 2021 packages cover everything from your basic travel arrangements to a jam-packed itinerary of exciting, once in a lifetime activities. From epic parties to cultural excursions, this is your opportunity to jump outside of your comfort zone, build character, and make memories to last a lifetime – all with your best school buddies.

Give yourself something to look forward to

Book your schoolies 2021 holiday as soon as possible. Knowing you’ve got something exciting to look forward to is sure to take the edge off stressful exams.

When you travel with Unleashed, you can rest easy knowing the tricky logistics are taken care of. We equip you with everything you need to ready yourself for life’s next chapter.

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Reviews from Google

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Sam Bloom
Sam B.
23:47 14 Feb 21
My group had some issues with friendships changing and Unleashed helped us find a solution that made everyone happy. I know it wasn't the end of the world but being able to talk to someone who was actually interested in helping was great. It was really easy that we could text Unleashed and get a response straight away while we were at school with all of our friends. Can't wait for my Grad Trip 🙂
Sandra Marshall
Sandra M.
04:38 04 Jan 21
The staff were extremely helpful when explaining how COVID was going to affect Grad Trip. They really took the time to walk us through our options and genuinely wanted to help us. We've devastated travel restrictions postponed our trip but are looking forward to going when we can. Really appreciate Unleashed not making things any harder than it needed to be.
Lauren Jacobs
Lauren J.
23:57 17 Dec 20
Unleashed was seriously one of the best experiences for a graduation trips. I met some of my greatest friends and got to be a part of so many amazing experiences. Felt so safe the whole time!
Tamika Muscat
Tamika M.
07:48 19 Nov 20
Unleashed is an amazing company who provide the best service for high school finishers. They have everything sorted, things you wouldn't have even thought about it. But best of all, the crew they bring to inspire the school leavers to party is like nothing on this planet. Providing care and safety is most important but ensuring every single individual has the time of their life is priority and do it outstandingly. Could not recommend them enough!!!Hope to be apart of the crew the next trip✌🏼
Isabella A
Isabella A
06:54 19 Nov 20
I had the best time at unleashed Grad trips! It was the best way to finish off my final year. There was a good mix between down time and having the best nights at the nightly parties. The crew are so sweet and it’s not like a camp at all as I know that’s a misconception a lot of people get, you have total freedomTrust me you won’t regret going on this trip
Cat Foreman
Cat F.
22:06 18 Nov 20
The team at Unleashed were very helpful. Replied to my request for a credit for my booking very promptly and provided instruction on how to go about it. So far I have had very positive experiences from Unleashed. Cheers Cat.
Sarah Hume
Sarah H.
07:07 16 Nov 20
My trip planner was awesome! My parents were initially nervous about me heading overseas and had lots of questions. My trip planner called them and explained everything with really detailed explanations of all the safety and medical stuff. After the call, my parents were so relieved and excited that I was going with Unleashed! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to 🙂
Leon Neon
Leon N.
07:14 30 Oct 20
Very much appreciate your clear detailed and concise information from the start. You have done a fabulous job keeping in touch through an extremely difficult time.Thank you for trying to juggle new dates for next year. You're a great company.
Leigh Forrest
Leigh F.
23:23 29 Oct 20
Everything was amazing just unfortunately with such a year it didn’t work out.It is such a shame that Covid has postponed the trip. As a parent this looks like a much better alternative to the Gold Coast. I have 3 children still to come through so hopefully they will be able to use unleashed
Natalya Hansson
Natalya H.
06:27 10 Sep 20
Thank you for your assistance Mitch - very much appreciatedKind RegardsNatalya
Caitlin Barron
Caitlin B.
06:04 07 Feb 20
Honestly one of the best experiences of my life! My group and I were brainstorming ideas for schoolies and none of us really liked the idea of the Gold Coast and we thought that was the only way to go until we found Unleashed! After talking closely with Matty who was so incredibly helpful and catering to our group, we booked fairly quickly as we had read many reviews that it is a popular trip. The year leading up to it was so so long, though I can fairly say the trip was so worth the wait. The majority of the trips contents is included within the price: flights, accomodation, 3 meal buffet, staff, red frogs and activities such as pool and night parties. Other activities included snorkelling, jet skiing and relaxing with a massage.The trip promoted such a perfect balance between relaxing and partying which I think is so important considering school leavers had spent the last year with the HSC. The trip also caters for all personalities and interests in that it is easy-going and gives people the choice to choose what their day consists of whether it is exploring the islands on Cloud 9 or relaxing by the pool with a drink.The parties are unreal and when I thought it was time to head back for the night I would go back out to the party area just for one more song!I'm sure the majority of people who have come on a trip to Fiji like this can agree that the staff working there are all so helpful, experienced and all relate to young people so much, making the trip that bit more enjoyable and safe. Thanks a lot Unleashed for an amazing trip!!
Alec Chauvin
Alec C.
02:34 09 Dec 19
Had the most amazing time!! Such an awesome place to go!! Way better then the Gold Coast. Everything was ran safely and smoothly. Would highly recommend to those who are looking on celebrating there graduation year in style!!!
Elodie Vela
Elodie V.
05:56 05 Jun 18
Jot and his team at Unleashed Grad Trips are an incredible bunch! They plan the funnest, most adventurous trips. I wish I got to go on one when I was a Schoolie! We love working with them and their team.
Jai Sheridan
Jai S.
09:36 21 Dec 15
My Unleashed Grad Trip was the most incredible and fun filled week of my life! The unleashed crew were awesome and made the trip feel so safe and comfortable. All the activities exceeded my expectations and were beyond compare, making the trip more memorable. The celebrations each night, including the themes created a fantastic atmosphere enhancing the ability to create friendships and bonds with people from many other schools as well as the crew. I would defiantly recommend going on the trip, it was a once in a lifetime experience, and something i will never forget!
Helaena Meehan
Helaena M.
00:16 20 Dec 15
My Unleashed Grad Trip was one of the best trips I have ever been on. I had so many new and crazy experiences that I am able to say will remain with me as memories forever. The crew were amazing and made sure everyone was safe whilst having the time of their life. They were all very friendly and supporting. No matter where you go Unleashed Grad Trips are the best way to celebrate finishing school and I would do my Grad Trip all over again in a heartbeat!!
Nat Smith
Nat S.
12:48 15 Dec 15
If you're looking for an incredible way to celebrate your school years with your mates while relaxing on a peaceful Island in the tropics, look no further. Unleashed Travel has given me the best and most memorable experience of my life. The Unleashed crew were very approachable and did their best to ensure that everyone on the Island was making the most of their trip and having a great time. During the day we were able to explore all corners of the Island and the night beach parties were incredible. The cultural exchange day trip was one of the most eye opening experiences and was just one of the highlights of many fun-filled days. All of the Fijians were so vibrant and full of life, they did a great job accommodating the needs for a large number of students on the Island and made everyone feel safe. I feel like this is a great way for all students to take off their study hats and have a break before starting the next chapter of their life. This is the #tripofalifetime, if you have the opportunity to go on this, I promise you that it is worthwhile. If i could go back and relive it all over i would in a heartbeat!
bailey elliott
bailey E.
10:39 15 Dec 15
The crew were like older siblings, there to help you and keen to chat whenever. I felt very safe travelling internationally knowing everything will have been kept under control. The activities, day and night, catered for everyone. Celebrating such a milestone with unleashed at Fiji was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have memories and friendships from my trip that will last a lifetime.
Keeley Hickey
Keeley H.
13:04 14 Dec 15
My experience in Fiji with the Unleashed Crew was one that I will never forget. At first I was nervous about being in a different country without my family, however after 24 hours with the Unleashed Crew it became extremely clear that I was in a safe environment with people who genuinely cared for my safety and well being. I could not recommend the crew at a higher level as they were able to make me feel welcomed and assisted my trip of a lifetime. Nothing was ever a problem for the crew members and they were able to morph from relaxed friends to professional carers in an instance. I truly believe that my experience would not of been as incredible had it not been with Unleashed Travel.
Jasmine Baily
Jasmine B.
04:17 14 Dec 15
The amount of friends I came out of the trip with having never before met them was incredible. The experience to travel overseas with so many amazing people create great friendships and memories is indescribable. With support and help surrounding everyone on the trip, it created an environment which would be hard not to love.

Memories That Last A Lifetime

Schoolies 2021 Faq's

Got questions? We’ve got the answers. Check out our schoolies 2021 FAQs here or contact our friendly team today. Call on 1800 981 320 or send us an email at


Where can I go for my Schoolies in 2021?

The possibilities are just about endless!

Here at Unleashed, you can look forward to amazing sunsets every night, as you dance the night away at the legendary Fijian Island Beach Parties. If Europe is more your scene then head to Buckingham Palace and find yourself walking the vibrant streets of London town. Give back to a local community and build a house for a family in Cambodia. If you're an adventure seeker and love shredding the pow then Japan is for you, enjoy some of the finest slopes the world has to offer, natural hot springs and relax alongside monkeys.

Check out our trips page to learn more.


Why should I book my Schoolies 2021 with Unleashed?

Because we give you the trip of a lifetime – and take care of everything for you. Here are just some of the benefits of booking with us:

We are travel experts with a lust for life. We’ll take you to hidden local hotspots and must-see attractions, ensuring you get the most out of your trip.

We take care of the boring stuff. Your trip includes return flights, airport transfers, medical travel insurance, accommodation, meals, drinks, and snacks.

We organise all excursions and day trips.

Our team will be by your side every step of the way. We will meet you at the airport, show you around, and accompany you on adventures. If there’s an emergency – even if it’s at 3 am – we’ve got your back.


How do I book my Schoolies 2021 trip?

We are ready when you are!

If you and your friends are ready to lock in your spot and commit to the schoolies adventure you’ve always dreamed of, click here. Fill out the form, and one of our awesome Grad Trip Gurus will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us directly by phone or email. Call on 1800 981 320 or shoot us a quick message at

nuku grad trip at shangri-la

Picture it now. You’re on a beach. The sun is setting, and the clear, turquoise water is smooth and calm. Your friends are there – old friends from school, and unfamiliar faces laughing. It’s still warm, and you are dancing. Pure bliss.

You’ve almost finished year 12. You’ve worked harder in the past year than you ever have in your life. Now, it’s time to reward yourself – you’ve earned it. And what better place to let loose than the tropical beaches of Fiji.

A trip of a lifetime

Our Nuku grad trip at Shangri La is legendary. From all-night beachside parties featuring the hottest DJs from across the globe, to enriching cultural excursions, this experience is unlike any other.

If you love being active, head out snorkelling, test your skills at a bit of friendly beach volleyball, or take a quad ride around the island with Get Dirty Tours.

Regain your energy and relax around your choice of three resort-style swimming pools. Or, take advantage of the stunning natural surroundings at catch a bit of afternoon sun on the sandy shores of Fiji’s world-famous beaches.

Hungry? No worries. The beachfront snack bar and restaurant serve up a tasty array of indulgent dishes. Head to the on-site mini-mart, grab a snack or two and catch up with family back home on the speedy Wi-Fi network.

After sunset, head to the beach and get ready to party. Join friends old and new and soak up the epic tunes, fireworks, fire dancers, and more.

The Nuku Grad Trip at Shangri La awaits

Secure your spot today. This is a trip you’re sure to remember for many, many years to come.

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