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2020 Terms & Conditions/Booking Information


Please ensure your Traveller Information Form (found via hyperlink in booking confirmation email sent to you upon creation of booking) is completed within 72 hours of making your booking. It is a vital piece of information that Unleashed Grad Trips requires prior to travel. This form is designed to obtain all necessary information including pre-existing medical conditions, emergency contact details, dietary requirements etc. No Traveller Information Form = No Travel.


Unleashed Grad Trips requires a $300 deposit to be paid within 72 hours of making your booking. The deposit amount may vary depending on your local travel agent.  The required deposit is completely non-refundable. (Please see cancellation/amendment policies for further information.)


Unleashed Grad Trips recommends organizing a payment plan to pay off your Grad Trip. Please contact your booking agent to discuss these options. Final payment is due prior to the 30th September 2020. Should final payment not be made by this date, Unleashed Grad Trips reserves the right to cancel your booking without notice and no refund will be given. Unleashed Grad Trips accepts payment via bank transfer, credit card (surcharges apply), Enett and Payment Gate.


If you cancel your reservation, the following charges will apply unless superseded by COVID19 disruption,

  • Before deposit paid - $0
  • After deposit paid before 30th September 2020 - loss of deposit
  • Between 30th September and 1st November 2020 - 50% cancellation fee + loss of deposit
  • After 1st November 2020 - 100% cancellation fee

COVID19 Disruption Option 1: If Grad Trip dates need to be changed due to government restrictions or HSC/ATAR exam dates, Unleashed will reschedule your Grad Trip for later in the year or early 2021.

COVID19 Disruption Option 2: If Grad Trip cannot be rescheduled internationally due to ongoing restrictions,
we will provide an alternative option for you to celebrate!

COVID19 Disruption Option 3 : In the very unlikely event your trip cannot be rescheduled and alternative options cannot be provided, we will refund all payments you have paid less your non-refundable deposit. Your non-refundable deposit will automatically convert to a travel credit that can be used in one of the following ways over the next 2 years:

  • To pay a deposit for a rescheduled Grad Trip or special event that we will host once restrictions are lifted.
  • To pay a deposit for a Grad Trip in 2021 or 2022. This credit is transferable for any new booking for 2021 or 2022. You may give or sell your travel credit to a sibling, relative, friend etc.


NO FEES for any changes or amendments to 2020 Grad Trip bookings*

*Not including any additional fees charged by 3rd party operators.

Room pricing and changes

All resort rooms work on a sliding scale, and pricing is dependent on the room category and the number of people in each room. Any changes to the occupancy or room type will result in the total package price being readjusted to match the new occupancy and room type. In the event, a room decreases in occupants, you will incur an increased per-person cost or room change.


It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid passport (including a minimum 6 months validity from return date) and any applicable visa. Should you not have sufficient validity on your passport, you may be refused travel with no refund applicable. All extra incurred travel expenses will be the responsibility of the traveller.


Unleashed Travel will add a non-refundable amount of $49 for Accidental Damage Protection to your final payment balance.  By purchasing Accidental Damage Protection, you will not be required to pay the $500 FJD refundable security deposit.
Accidental Damage Protection provides cover for the traveller from any accidental damage imposed on any property of the resort/vessel/coach operators. It does not cover intentional, malicious or damages caused due to being under the influence of alcohol.
Please read the following booking conditions carefully which outline our obligations to you, and your responsibilities to us. These terms and conditions are the entire agreement between you and Unleashed Grad Trips.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the following booking conditions carefully which outline our obligations to you, and your responsibilities to us. These terms and conditions are the entire agreement between you and Unleashed Grad Trips.


You can only book on Unleashed Grad Trips and we will only accept your booking if you are 18 years of age or under at the time of travel. Unleashed Grad Trips reserves the right to check your passport to verify your age. If it is found that you are not 18 years or under at the time of travel, you will be denied the right to travel on the Grad Trip, or if the trip has commenced you will be removed from the trip and returned to Australia at your own cost. You will also not be entitled to any refund.


Contact us directly or your local travel agent. A non-refundable deposit of $300 AUD (or local currency equivalent) per person is required to secure your reservation together with a completed online traveller information form. Upon receipt of your booking, a confirmation invoice will be issued with deposit payable within 72 hours. By paying a deposit you agree that you have read, understood and will be bound by these terms & conditions. The balance of the fare must be received by Unleashed prior to the 30th September 2020. If the balance of monies is not paid by this date, cancellation may occur with all monies paid forfeited.


If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must make the booking via or via your local Travel Agent. If you are a minor you cannot make a booking using If a booking is made and not authorised by your parent or guardian, the deposit paid will be forfeited and your booking cancelled. By making a booking via, whether or not on behalf of a minor, you are deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions.


*Please note this may vary between products

  • Accommodation costs incurred during the stated package.
  • Return Economy Airfares (taxes subject to fluctuation)
  • Meals as specified in our itineraries.
  • Ferry crossings and launch transfers as outlined in our itineraries.


*Please note this may vary between products

  • Personally incurred expenses such as souvenirs, telephone, email, laundry charges, optional activities and items of a personal nature (e.g. drinks).
  • Meals or accommodation whilst travelling to/from your homeport to connect with your holiday.
  • Any travel cost incurred to/from your homeport.
  • Any charges levied by resorts/vessels/coaches for use of their facilities.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Travel Visas (where required)


In the unlikely event of any dissatisfaction with the accommodation or any other service provided by Unleashed Grad Trips, you must report it immediately to Unleashed Grad Trips or resort/vessel/vehicle staff so action can be taken to remedy the problem. Failure to notify Unleashed Grad Trips or resort/vessel/vehicle staff of any problem immediately may result in your ability to claim compensation from them being extinguished or reduced. Any complaint made to us after the holiday should be made in writing within 28 days of holiday completion. Should the complaint not be made in writing within this time, Unleashed Grad Trips may refuse to investigate or offer any form of compensation. This will be at the sole discretion of Unleashed Grad Trips and our third party suppliers/operators.


Unleashed Grad Trips requires you to take out comprehensive travel insurance from a reputable company. You should take out travel insurance at the time your holiday is confirmed. If you do not have travel insurance you will not be permitted to travel with Unleashed Grad Trips.

Unleashed Grad Trips will not be held responsible for any loss or theft of baggage or belongings. You should ensure you have the appropriate travel insurance. Whilst Unleashed Grad Trips exercises utmost care, in the unlikely event of emergency, staff may use their sole discretion to call for medevac, emergency transfer or other such matters if they feel the situation warrants it. In such instance Unleashed Grad Trips reserves the right to claim a refund of such monies from you in the first instance and your insurer if required. Ask us, or your travel agent for details at the time of booking.


Unleashed Grad Trips has made every endeavour with the production of its brochures and to ensure that the information is correct at the time the brochure was printed and the website information uploaded. However prices and services set out in our brochure and on our website are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.


You agree that any photograph or image taken of you during your holiday with Unleashed Grad Trips may be used by Unleashed Grad Trips for promotional purposes or in our brochure or on our website without any further consent or payment.


Unleashed Grad Trips reserves the right to make changes to an itinerary if circumstances beyond our control makes it necessary, including but not limited to weather and cultural conditions.


You agree to accept the authority of Unleashed Grad Trips staff/crew and comply with their decisions. In the event a staff member requires a passenger to leave a trip, no refund will be given. That passenger is also responsible for their return transportation costs and will have no claim against Unleashed Grad Trips. Please refer to the code of conduct.


You should be of reasonable health and fitness and carry all required medication. You must inform Unleashed Grad Trips of any pre-existing medical conditions, including mental illness prior to travel. Unleashed Grad Trips will keep this information confidential. Unleashed may request a doctor’s certificate certifying fitness to travel. In certain circumstances, Unleashed Grad Trips reserves the right to request a signed supplementary waiver or may require that a carer travel with you if you have special needs or a disability. Unleashed Grad Trips reserves the right to refuse to carry passengers who we believe may not be able to safely undertake one of our holidays. In the event the resort/vessel/vehicle carrier refuse travel due to a pre-existing medical conditions that has not been notified, Unleashed Grad Trips will not be liable and no refund applicable.


The responsibility of Unleashed Grad Trips and/or their agents is limited. Unleashed Grad Trips acts as a tour operating company and is not a carriers, hoteliers, or provider of other services such as sightseeing tours and adventure activities. All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by those carriers, hoteliers and service providers. Those terms and conditions may limit or exclude liability for death, personal injury, delay and loss or damage of baggage. Unleashed Grad Trips will not be liable for any death, personal injury, delay, damage, loss, accident or additional expenses or inconvenience which may be occasioned either by reason of any defect in any resort/ vessel/vehicle, or caused through the default or negligence of any company or person engaged in conveying you or in carrying out the arrangements in connection with your holiday.

Force Majeure: Subject to the terms outlined in the peace of mind guarantee, Unleashed Grad Trips will not be liable to you in the event your holiday is cancelled, disrupted or terminated by reason of cyclone, flood, fire, adverse weather condition, military coup, political action, civil war or unrest, acts of terrorism, natural disaster, earthquake, Government direction, epidemic, pandemic, biosecurity threat or any other reasonably unforeseeable event.

Your holiday may include activities such as swimming, snorkelling, diving or parasailing. You accept that these activities involve varying degrees of risk and you take part at your own risk. You accept that Unleashed Grad Trips is not responsible for any personal injury or death sustained in these activities.

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be read as excluding, restricting or modifying your rights given to you under legislation in relation to the supply of goods and services including the Competition and Consumer Act (formerly the Trade Practices Act).

Passengers who purchase an optional service or product do so in direct contract with the provider and rely solely on their own judgment for participation.

Unleashed Grad trips are specifically designed for travellers within the 17-18 year age bracket. Consequently the facilities and activities on Grad Trips are not always appropriate for people outside this age group.

By completing the booking you warrant that the information contained in the booking is correct. If you are not 18 years of age or under at the time of travel and you pay a deposit, Unleashed Grad Trips will cancel your booking and you will lose your deposit for breaching your warranty.


The success and enjoyment of your holiday depends on you and others behaving in an appropriate and responsible manner. It is a condition that your conduct is compatible with the well-being and general enjoyment of others on your holiday.

You agree to accept the authority of Unleashed Grad Trips staff and resort staff and comply with their authority and their directions. Unleashed Grad Trips has a zero tolerance to illegal drug use and possession, intoxication, threatening or abusive behaviour, both physical and verbal, and property vandalism. If, in the absolute opinion of Unleashed Grad Trips staff your behaviour breaches this code of conduct then Unleashed Grad Trips will remove you from the trip. If this occurs you will be responsible for your own return transport costs and you will not be entitled to any refund for the unused portion of your holiday. You also agree that you will have no claim against Unleashed Grad Trips or the resort.

A copy of this code of conduct will also be provided to you at the resort/vessel/vehicle. You will be required to sign a copy of the code of conduct prior to check in at the resort.


Unleashed Grad Trips and the resort/vessel/vehicle used for your holiday has a policy of responsible service of alcohol. This policy is to ensure that you and the other guests have a safe trip and to minimise the harmful effects of alcohol.


Alcohol will not be served to any person under the age of 18 years. You are not permitted to buy alcohol on behalf of any person under the age of 18 years. Unleashed Grad Trips runs a system of coloured wristbands to identify guests who are under the age of 18 years. You will not be served alcohol even if you are over 18 years if you are not wearing your wristband. If you become intoxicated you will not be served alcohol and you may be escorted from the premises. Any breach of Unleashed Grad Trips’s code of conduct will result in you being removed from the resort and the loss of the remainder of your holiday. You are not permitted to bring duty free alcohol onto the island resorts, which have an onsite, alcohol license. The resort/vessel/vehicle security and Tourist Police will conduct bag searches upon arrival. The resort/vessel/vehicle will confiscate alcohol of any kind brought onto the resort/vessel/vehicle. The resort/vessel/vehicle will not return alcohol after it is confiscated.


All Unleashed passengers are expected to abide and follow the laws/customs of each country visited throughout this tour. Some countries you will visit do not abide/follow the same alcohol regulations laws as found in Australia. In these countries it is legal to consume/purchase alcohol from the age of 16 years. Unleashed will not be responsible for any damage, injury, loss or inconvenience due to the consumption of alcohol. Any breach of Unleashed Grad Trips’s code of conduct will result in you being removed from the Grad Trip and the loss of the remainder of your holiday. Should you be under the age of 18 years, you will require parental or guardian's consent prior to departing for this trip.

Warning: You may not be covered by your travel insurance if you suffer an injury while intoxicated.


Unleashed Grad Trips stores information about you and your booking so that we can notify you of our holidays, special offers and for the purposes of obtaining your feedback. If you do not wish to receive information from Unleashed Grad Trips please contact us on

These terms and conditions are governed by the International Consumer Laws of New South Wales


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