Unleashed COVID-19 Travel Update


On behalf of the team at Unleashed, we would like to thank all of our passengers and their parents/guardians for all your continued support and patience during this challenging time. It has been a tough year for everyone, but especially for graduating students and their families.

Each student has missed out on countless experiences and rites of passage, while still having the pressure of completing year 12. We know your Fiji Grad Trip has been the light at the end of the tunnel and we've been working tirelessly to find a solution so you don't miss out on yet another important tradition. Your graduation is a significant milestone and one that should be celebrated accordingly.

The team at Unleashed are committed to ensuring that you can still celebrate in the way you deserve. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and after careful consideration, weighing up all options and speaking to students and their families, we have made the decision to postpone Fiji Grad Trip until 2021. We spoke to thousands of 2020 travelers and their parents and the feedback was clear- Fiji is the place you want to celebrate your graduation. Fiji Grad Trip is a once in a lifetime experience, something you can never repeat. 

Here’s why we made this call

With the borders currently being closed and social distancing guidelines in place, it is predicted all schoolies trips, including domestic, will not go ahead in November/December this year. Celebrations taking place domestically, if any, will be very heavily restricted. Most domestic options have already been cancelled. This has forced our hand and given us no choice but to postpone Grad Trip until next year.

When will you be traveling?

Due to the uncertainty, no one knows exactly when borders will reopen. Thankfully, many countries around the world are already open to travellers and we hope Australia is not far behind. Unleashed will be hosting a Grad Trip for you as soon as we can! We have scheduled multiple tentative dates around University and TAFE holidays in April, June/July and December 2021. As soon as borders are open, we will be scheduling your Fiji Grad Trip for the next appropriate holiday period.

Once we have clarity around this, we will announce your exact dates. We anticipate this happening in early 2021. Unleashed is committed to giving you frequent updates, and will announce travel dates as soon as they are available.

We’re committed to your experience

We want you to have the best Grad Trip experience possible! Even though your trip has been postponed, your experience will not suffer. We are making sure your 2021 trip will be EVEN BETTER!

We have committed to bringing over multiple big name special guests including headline DJ’s and influencers for your 2021 Grad Trip.

We have worked together with our partners to reduce the final price of your trip. A $200 discount will be applied to your final payment.

We’re in this together

This pandemic has affected all members of the community and we’d again like to thank you for your patience and understanding. We are dedicated to offering you the best option to celebrate your graduation.

Soon enough you'll be forgetting all your worries and celebrating your achievements in paradise!

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