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About Vanuatu Hideaway Island

The coral paradise!

Picture a Vanuatu island transformed exclusively for you - with 100 school leavers celebrating the end of your school studies. With endless sun, coral and natural marine life beauty, Hideaway Island is just a 5-minute boat ride from the mainland.

Take up adventures like our daily snorkel tours and scuba diving trips to the coral gardens to really experience the wonder of Hideaway, or visit the local Mele village and explore the Cascade Falls, or even challenge your mates to a game of golf across the bay. The activities are endless! There’s just one more thing to add to the cherry on top - it’s our Unleashed parties with international DJs pumping the hottest tunes. If there’s one way to celebrate your #TripofaLifetime, it’s by getting yourself over to Hideaway Island for you Grad Trip.

Fast Facts
  • Destination: Hideaway Island Resort
  • Vanuatu is a South Pacific Ocean nation made up of around 80 islands that stretch 1,300 kilometres. The islands offer scuba diving at coral reefs, underwater caverns and shipwrecks.

Trip Inclusions

We organise it all for you!

Return Economy Flights

Return Transfers

Buffet Breakfast, Lunch,
and Dinner

Daily Activities

Unleashed Crew

Nightly Entertainment

Red Frogs Crew

Extra Security

Accommodation for
the trip period

Unleashed Grad Trips Experience

There's so much to do in Vanuatu!

Cultural Exchange

The spirit of sharing!

Unleashed Grad Trips invites travellers to make a positive impact internationally during grad trip through sustainable development and community projects. Our goal is to become North America’s largest overseas volunteer program by getting all high school graduates on a volunteer project.

Did you Know?
  • High unemployment, a large informal sector, and underemployment remain important long-term challenges.
  •  Only 12% of low-income students who start high school will graduate
  •  1.9% of the GDP is invested into education compared to 5.5% in Canada and the US

Hideaway Island Resort

Your home away from home.

A Typical Day in Vanuatu

There's so much to each day...

Wake Up

Roll out of bed, have your morning swim with your mates while catching up on last night’s antics, brush teeth (or not), and you’re ready to start the day!

9.30am – Yoga

Keep your mind, body and soul in zen mode with a beach yoga session and build up your appetite for brekkie. Or get ready for the optional Cloud9 Pontoon trip.

10am - Breakfast

Ohh yeeah! Fresh coconut water, bacon, eggs and snags with all them tropical fruits on the side. Yeeewww!

11am – Relax to the Max

Soak in the amazing weather while relaxing in a beach-side palm tree hammock, join a game of beach volleyball or go for a walk to the lookout point. Enjoy yourselves, you deserve it!

1pm – Lunch

Indulge in the extravagant buffet where you can choose from BBQ lamb, noodles, Fijian delights or the standard pub style steak and chips. Your plate will always come back full!

2pm – Pool Partaaaaay!

Pool? ✔ Party? ✔ Sunshine? ✔ Tunes? ✔ Palm Trees? ✔ Shades? ✔ mates? ✔ Shakas? ✔ = 💯

7pm – Dinner

Time to refuel, recharge, and get ready for the evening event. This is also the perfect time to catch the sunset from the lookout point or as you stroll along the beach having a solid D&M session with your friends.

8pm – Evening Entertainment

It’s Karaoke! It’s Speed Dating! It’s Mr & Mrs Unleashed! It could be any of these events. With everyone on the island taking part,  this is where things might get interesting…

9pm – D Floor Time

Pull out your party outfit (thongs optional) cos it’s time to party. Along with the norm there are themed parties like Gender Bender, School’s Out, Black & White Formal Grad Dinner or suggest a theme of your own via the Unleashed FB events and we’ll see what we can do.

Late Night Feast

Taste the famous chicken burgers of Mana Island or the famous ham & cheese toasties of Plantation Island. These are like ah-may-zing! The Red Frogs and Unleashed Crew will remind you how to get back to your room just incase you forget…

Ready For Another Day!

Get into your oh-so-comfy hotel bed to rest up and rejuvenate for another amazing day on your #TripofaLifetime.


Note that all activities listed above are optional. If you want to, you can relax and unwind all day long.

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