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Celebrate the end of high school with all of your friends

Unleashed Grad Trips are designed specifically for high school students and include non-stop action day and night. Awesome Crew members, a full safety system, and industry professionals creating what can only be described as the trip of a lifetime, this is the only way to truly celebrate the end of high school with your friends, and other grads from across Australia & New Zealand. So forget what you know about Schoolies.....this is Grad Trip

Time To Celebrate

Make it memorable - Make it epic

It's Tradition

You only graduate once! Imagine a secret paradise surrounded by crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches. A private island with all your mates & students from across Australia. What an absolute dream! You have worked years to get to this point. Let’s make this epic.

epic parties

We offer the biggest and best parties in Fiji! Our parties have become iconic! Soak up the sun while listening to our DJs putting down solid beats at our pool parties and at night make your way to our awesome night parties and get ready to meet new people.

Happy Travellers

Since opening its doors in 2006, Unleashed Grad Trips has traveled over 40,000 students to destinations all over the world. We have taken Schoolies to the next level to create Grad Trip.

The Next

Schoolies is a rite of passage but Grad Trip officially marks the end of High School and the start of your next chapter. Whether it is university, college, work, soul searching, or whatever! Not only are you celebrating your amazing accomplishments, you’re getting ready for the future.

Travel To Paradise

Indescribable happiness everyday

We have loads of awesome inclusions on each one of our grad trips.

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