Who we are

At Unleashed, our purpose is to take graduating high school students and create happy travellers by providing them with their trip of a lifetime and unforgettable memories.

We have 17 years of experience creating life-changing journeys for students. We work around the clock to provide an epic student experience through original travel adventures, awesome staff, excellent service, amazing destinations, and friendships that will last a lifetime

Fun & Safe

17 years running life-changing student travel experiences

Running fun and safe trips have always been our #1 priority. This has led us to create industry-leading safety programs that ensure not only fun but safe travel experiences. We are committed to delivering excellence on all trips and creating happy travellers. Forget what you know about schoolies, this is Grad Trip.


We are experienced in helping students with existing medical conditions travel overseas and domestically. We believe that no one should miss out on their memorable trip to celebrate graduating school.


Our trained staff are there for our travellers in the event of a medical emergency. They know what to do and will accompany the traveller to the clinic and/or hospital, contact parents/guardians, and provide local contact info. Our amazing crew will be with the traveller every step of the way. Read more »

Medical Emergency Procedure (Pre-Travel & On-Site)

7 Step Pre-travel medical emergency procedure

  1. We establish relationships with our accommodation and travel partners, working closely with them to ensure excellent safety protocols
  2. We work with any on-site medical professionals by reviewing all medical procedures with them
  3. The traveller completes a medical condition form
  4. Our staff will review every medical condition form response
  5. To ensure that travel is the best option for grads, the Unleashed team will follow up with students that have listed known medical conditions
  6. On-site staff are briefed on travellers with medical conditions
  7. Upon arrival to destination, our team of coordinators meet with travellers with serious medical conditions and review emergency procedures in place
On-Site Medical Procedure

If an emergency does arise, one of our crew members will be with the traveller from the beginning until the situation has been controlled and the traveller returns to their accommodation.

  1. Get immediate medical help for the traveller
  2. Contact parent or guardian and inform them of the situation
  3. Contact Unleashed Grad Trips head office and inform them of the situation
  4. Assist travellers contacting their insurance provider to begin a claim
  5. Ongoing communication to the traveller’s parent or guardian
  6. If necessary, help make travel arrangements for parent/guardian to the destination
  7. Find suitable transportation back to the accommodation once the situation has stabilised
  8. Continue to check on the traveller throughout the trip and help them whenever someone is needed
Medical Experience

We are experienced in helping students with existing medical conditions travel overseas and domestically. We believe that no one should miss out on their memorable trip to celebrate graduating school.

  • Every year, over 2000 medical condition forms are filled out by our travellers
  • 10% of Unleashed travellers have an allergy
  • 5% of Unleashed travellers have asthma
  • 1% of Unleashed travellers have a severe medical condition

Travel Insurance is compulsory for all international trips and encouraged for our domestic options. Travellers are welcome to purchase Travel Insurance from any reputable provider.

Please make sure you read the Product Disclosure Statement to make sure this product is the right one for you.

Dear Parents,

I am very excited that your son or daughter is considering travelling with Unleashed Travel.

Each year we unite students as they develop their independence, celebrate their academic achievements and have fun with their classmates. I want to take this opportunity to talk to you about our trips and invite you to contact me with any questions.

Since our inception in 2006, Unleashed Travel has quickly become the market leaders in overseas school leaver holidays and has continued to expand, into domestic locations. Our focus is on creating trips that balance cultural experiences and quality time with friends. Unleashed Travel gives your child the ability to snorkel pristine waters and examine the precious corals of Fiji, connect with rich history through Europe and explore incredible National Park Islands in The Whitsundays to name a few.

Exploring new locations, countries and cultures while enjoying time with friends in amazing locations is our ethos. Our trips are designed to give the traveller a sense of independence although safety is of the utmost priority.

All Unleashed destinations are staffed by Unleashed Crew. The Unleashed Crew are experienced travellers who understand the balance between safe supervision and fun. The Unleashed Crew are on call 24/7 and take the role of the older brother or sister wanting their siblings to be safe and have fun with their friends. The Unleashed Crew are also the first people your son or daughter will see once they clear customs and exit the airport. The Crew will introduce themselves and escort them through the transfer process all the way to the accommodation where they reside until it is time to return them safely to the airport. If your son or daughter needs assistance for any reason, emergency or otherwise, they will be assisted by a Crew member every step of the way.

Unleashed Travel goes to great lengths to ensure that all travellers are safe from both themselves and others. With exclusive use of our resorts in Fiji and Byron Bay, all other unwanted guests are not able to set foot on the resort grounds.

In Fiji, we prohibit Duty-Free alcohol to ensure that there is no unmonitored drinking in rooms and no bottles of spirit alcohol available for dangerous binge drinking. We also assist local authorities in conducting bag searches on arrival to prevent any contraband from making its way into the resort.

We ensure extra security and police are present at each resort, creating a sanctuary for your child to enjoy themselves and make this trip the one they always talk about for years to come.

Our staff are available to discuss our trips in more detail and answer any concerns you may have and I encourage you to give us a call.

Parent Testimonial

Stories from the parents of Unleashed travellers

Unleashed Grad Trips MD, Jot, sat down with Annette and Craig, whose daughters both went on an Unleashed Grad Trip,
and asked about their experience as a parent and allowing their children to go on Grad Trip.

Annette Johnston - Mother

“I wanted to thank Unleashed for giving Pua a trip of a lifetime on her Europe Grad Trip. She had the most fantastic time ever. All it took was one brief conversation with Pua’s trip leader and I felt totally satisfied that my daughter would be in safe hands through the entire trip. Through the Unleashed organisation she not only experienced Europe in a wonderful light, but she was also introduced to some amazing people, like other like-minded students and the crew members themselves were just so interesting and so much fun to be around. She has formed friendships that I am certain will last a lifetime.”

Craig Bowen - Father

“As a father, I was very concerned about my daughter attending graduation celebrations, especially when told they were thinking FIJI! Having worked in the travel industry for over 30 years I researched the business and asked lots of questions from my colleagues. In the end, I couldn’t have been happier with the serious way Unleashed approaches the care of its passengers. I felt safer sending Jess on an organised trip overseas than to an unorganised local one. Jess loved it so much she has been back each year working as a part of the Unleashed Crew, giving others their trip of a lifetime.”

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    Happy Traveller Standards

    We have created 4 indicators that determine whether we’ve achieved our goals, following our knowledge and years of experience in the travel industry. They are tracked by our team and measured daily to make improvements while our trips are running. We call these indicators our Happy Traveller Standards.


    Create peace of mind for all travellers – this is our #1 and only ‘non-negotiable’ standard.

    Seamless Operations

    Build and execute every aspect of your trip with a detailed focus.


    Ensure physical, mental, or emotional boundaries do not stop any student from experiencing any part of our trips.


    Create and provide unique and unforgettable experiences that would not be possible without Unleashed Grad Trips.


    The Unleashed Grad Trips Code are guidelines to ensure a fun and safe environment for all travellers. Prior to the trip, we recommend all parents and guardians have an open and honest conversation with their child to discuss expectations and behaviour while abroad.


    Meet Jot, Managing Director

    My job is to continually review our trips, with a focus on development and improvement, resulting in amazing experiences for every traveller. I am determined to make sure that all our trips are unique and memorable adventures, without ever compromising safety.

    We take health and safety very seriously and have developed extensive training and procedures for all our Destination Crew in case of emergency. By having these procedures in place, our crew can focus on delivering the other Happy Traveller Standards that result in the Trip of a Lifetime!

    Partners & Accreditations

    Tried and tested, we only work with the best!

       John    Nichol

    Regional General Manager - Australia

    “The partnership between Fiji Airways and Unleashed Grad Trips has indeed been valuable. Unleashed Grad Trips is managed by strong leadership, have a dedicated team, and offer innovative travel opportunities for young people..."

    "...Fiji Airways is proud to be a partner of Unleashed Grad Trips.”

       Akshay    Singh

    Director of Sales & Marketing

    "We have been working with Unleashed Grad Trips for many years and hold them in high regard. Together we have developed a unique & fun experience for Grad Trips at Plantation Island Resort and we have always valued their reliability, work ethic, customer focus and attention to detail. I have always been amazed by how much the Unleashed Team care about their students, always ensuring they are safe, happy and making the most of their celebration. We look forward to working with them for many years to come."

    Claudine Alame

    NSW Coordinator

    "For over 10 years, we’ve been working with Unleashed Grad Trips to create memorable experiences for graduates. Their positive and hard-working spirit paired with their expertise in the student graduate markets makes them unique. They are able to create travel options that are not only appealing, but educational, as they understand the youth of today. The Transat organisation is very privileged to work with such an incredible and competent team."

    Maria    Browne

    Health Promotion Officer

    "Play Safe is an initiative of NSW Health and the South Eastern Sydney HARP Unit. We have been partnering with Unleashed Travel since 2016.  The purpose of this partnership is all things sexual health promotion for young people enjoying Grad Trip.  This includes education and resources around consent, safe sex, STI prevention and sexual assault awareness. Our partnership actively protects young people and assist them making informed decisions. For more information on Play Safe, click our logo above."




    Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO)

    "CATO is a trade association representing the domestic and outbound land-supply of the Australian travel industry. Members of CATO pledge themselves to conduct their business activities in a manner that promotes the ideal of integrity in travel and agree to act in accordance with the principles of the CATO Members Code of Conduct. CATO members are held to the highest of standards and strive to provide high quality travel experiences."

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    Resort Partners

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