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welcome to Unleashed Grad trips, australia's leading provider of overseas student travel!

With over 16 years of expertise in sending thousands of students abroad annually, you can feel comfortable and confident in choosing us as the provider for your child's graduation trip. Our dedicated team is committed to supporting you and your child throughout the entire journey. We work around the clock to provide an epic student experience through unique travel packages, outstanding staff, top-notch customer service, and incredible destinations. We aim to create a safe and unforgettable experience that your child will treasure for a lifetime.

Fun & Safe


For over 16 years we've been creating transformative student travel experiences that prioritise both a once in a lifetime experience, and ensure security and safety for our students at all times. Our unwavering dedication to fun and safety has driven us to establish industry-leading safety protocols, guaranteeing not just enjoyable, but secure journeys. Our commitment to safety ensure every trip is a success, leaving travellers with lasting memories. Say goodbye to traditional schoolies - welcome to Grad Trip, where safety and adventure go hand in hand.


Unleashed offers exclusive charters in Fiji, ensuring safety and security for 17 and 18 year-old school leavers. From accomodation to tours, everything is exclusively chartered for their group, eliminating external threats. The staff, including medical and security personnel, supervise the students throughout their entire trip. Various teams, such as customer service and trip planners, work to guarantee satisfaction from the planning stage until the return home.

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In Fiji, we charter our resorts exclusivity. Domestically, our accomodation and tours are chartered exclusively. For all of our trips, the only guests are 17- and 18-year-old school leavers travelling with Unleashed, along with our staff, security, medical staff, resort staff etc. This ensures a controlled environment without any external threats from individuals outside the group. From arrival to departure, students are under the supervision of our staff, ensuring their safety and security throughout. All transfers and resorts are entirely exclusive to our group, further enhancing safety measures.


At Unleashed, we believe in providing an all-encompassing package to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for all our travellers.
While the specifics may differ depending on the destination, we'll outline those for Fiji, our most sought after destination:
Luxury Accommodation, Return Flights, Flight Luggage, Coach & Ferry Transfers, Daily Meals, and much more! Click "learn more" for the full list of inclusions.

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  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Return Flights - Supplements May Apply from Some Departure Airports
  • Flight Luggage
  • Coach & Ferry Transfers
  • Daily Buffet Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Exclusively for 17/ 18 Year Olds
  • Private Schoolies-Only Resort (no Tourists)
  • International Dj's
  • Huge Name Influencers/ Special Guests
  • Unleashed Booking Support
  • Beach Sports
  • Cultural Experiences
  • 24/7 Unleashed Crew
  • 24/7 Red Frogs Support Crew
  • 24/7 Security
  • 24/7 Medical Assistance Available
  • Huge Range of Free Daily Activities
  • Nightly Events
  • Themed Parties
  • Beach Parties
  • Pool Parties
  • Snorkelling Equipment
  • Sup/ Kayaking Equipment
  • Yoga/ Pilates


Throughout the trip, our dedicated team is always present and accessible within the resort, offering assistance and support whenever needed Whether its answering questions, organising activities, or simply providing a friendly chat, the Unleashed Crew ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for all students. Additionally, we offer a 24/7 support line for students to reach out to us at any time.

Parents can also feel reassured with our 24/7 parent hotline, providing them with direct access to address any questions or concerns during the trip.

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From morning welcomes to late-night dance floor energizing, our team is there every step of the way. Our team also operates an information desk where students can seek assistance, ask questions or just to chat!


Our staff play a vital role in every aspect of your trip, providing unwavering support from the planning phase to your safe return. Once your adventure commences, you'll meet our Unleashed Crew who accompany you throughout your entire trip. Our crew undergoes rigorous selection and training, holding certifications in First Aid and completing WWCC. Collaborating with external teams like Red Frogs Australia and local authorities further enhances your experience. With our entire staff committed to ensuring your excitement, confidence, and security, we eagerly anticipate welcoming you aboard for an unforgettable journey.

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Leading up to your trip, you may interact with various teams from our office staff including customer service, management, Trip Planners, operations and marketing all dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Once on your trip, you will meet the Unleashed Crew - comprising both office and destination staff. Each resort boasts a diverse team of Unleashed Crew members, including day and night crew, activity crew, management, medical support, entertainment crew, airport crew, program leaders and directors and more! This is on top of the external teams we hire, such as Red Frogs Australia, police, security, medical professionals, resort staff and more. Every member plays a crucial role in ensuring students' safety and enjoyment throughout the trip. We can't wait to meet you!


In Fiji, our trips are hosted at Fiji's premier schoolies resorts—Loloma at Mana, Totoka at Plantation, and Nuku at Naviti—each offering the same exceptional Unleashed experience. Regardless of the chosen resort, students can expect the legendary Unleashed experience, with equal access to theme parties, activities, entertainment, and more. Each resort features a variety of room options, and students have the freedom to select their preferred room type and roommates before their travel date.

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Room types are all very similar, with the main differing factor being the occupancy or number of students the room can accommodate. Students will choose their room type based on how many other students they wish to room with. It's important to note that Unleashed never assigns outsiders or unknown students to share rooms with travellers.

Additionally, each traveller is guaranteed their own bed, as we do not require any students to share beds. Co-ed rooms are allowed with parental permission.


Book your trip today and pay later with our U:Pay payment options. Get the peace of mind, knowing that your spot is confirmed while giving yourself plenty of time to save for your Grad Trip.
Customise your payment plan to weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments to best suit you. Cancel or change your payment play anytime hassle free, and free of charge. All payment plans are completely interest free.

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Payment plans are optional, with bulk payments being an alternative option. All payment plans can be made via credit card or bank transfer.

Worried plans might change? All payments aside from deposits are full refundable until final payment - no questions asked.


Unleashed places safety and convenience at the forefront for travellers by requiring mandatory travel insurance and providing protection through the Accomodation Damage Safeguard (ADS).

Ensuring a safe, stress-free, and seamless experience for both students and parents is our top priority, and we implement measures like these to guarantee satisfaction with our services.

To learn more about these features, click "Learn More".

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Here's a breakdown of these features:

1. Travel Insurance: All passengers are required to have travel insurance. This ensures immediate treatment for any medical situations, regardless of their severity, without the need to verify insurance coverage first. This proactive approach ensures passengers receive timely care during their trip. You're free to purchase travel insurance from any reputable provider. Choose the provider and package that best fits your needs.

2. Accomodation Damage Safeguard (ADS): ADS is an alternative to paying room bond at the resort. Recognising that bonds can be costly and not all students have the extra funds, ADS provides peace of mind. Students are protected from unexpected expenses in case of accidental damage to their rooms or the resort. By paying a one-time fee, they can enjoy their trip worry-free, knowing that any accidental damage is covered.

These measures demonstrate Unleashed's commitment to ensuring a safe and seamless travel experience for all passengers, while also providing financial protection against unforeseen circumstances.


Unleashed prioritises your child's safety above all else. With extensive medical expertise, we cater to all students including those with diverse medical needs. From dietary requirements to medical conditions, our dedicated team ensures every aspect of your child's well-being is addressed. In emergencies, our trained staff are equiped to handle any situation. We follow pre-travel and on-site medical emergency procedures. With over 5000 medical condition forms filled annually, we ensure no student misses out on their celebration due to health concerns.

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As a parent, we recognise that your child's safety is your utmost priority, especially when sending them overseas without you. We understand the apprehension that comes with such a decision, and we want to assure you that safety is of paramount importance to Unleashed.

When it comes to safety, our medical expertise and protocols are of utmost significance. We have extensive experience in assisting students with existing medical conditions during both international and domestic travel. We firmly believe that no student should miss out on the opportunity to celebrate their graduation due to medical concerns. Whether it's catering to dietary requirements or addressing specific needs and conditions, the Unleashed team is dedicated to ensuring your student has a seamless and safe travel experience. If you're unsure whether we can accomodate your child's needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team for further discussion.

In the event of a medical emergency, our trained staff are fully equipped to handle the situation. They are well-versed in emergency protocols and will accompany the traveller to the clinic or hospital, contact parents or guardians, and provide local contact information. Our exceptional crew will be there for the traveller every step of the way, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Medical Emergency Procedure (Pre-Travel & On-Site)

7 Step Pre-travel medical emergency procedure

  1. We establish relationships with our accommodation and travel partners, working closely with them to ensure excellent safety protocols
  2. We work with any on-site medical professionals by reviewing all medical procedures with them
  3. The traveller completes a medical condition form
  4. Our staff will review every medical condition form response
  5. To ensure that travel is the best option for grads, the Unleashed team will follow up with students that have listed known medical conditions
  6. On-site staff are briefed on travellers with medical conditions
  7. Upon arrival to destination, our team of coordinators meet with travellers with serious medical conditions and review emergency procedures in place
On-Site Medical Procedure

If an emergency does arise, one of our crew members will be with the traveller from the beginning until the situation has been controlled and the traveller returns to their accommodation.

  1. Get immediate medical help for the traveller
  2. Contact parent or guardian and inform them of the situation
  3. Contact Unleashed Grad Trips head office and inform them of the situation
  4. Assist travellers contacting their insurance provider to begin a claim
  5. Ongoing communication to the traveller’s parent or guardian
  6. If necessary, help make travel arrangements for parent/guardian to the destination
  7. Find suitable transportation back to the accommodation once the situation has stabilised
  8. Continue to check on the traveller throughout the trip and help them whenever someone is needed
Medical Experience

We are experienced in helping students with existing medical conditions travel overseas and domestically. We believe that no one should miss out on their memorable trip to celebrate graduating school.

  • Every year, over 2000 medical condition forms are filled out by our travellers
  • 10% of Unleashed travellers have an allergy
  • 5% of Unleashed travellers have asthma
  • 1% of Unleashed travellers have a severe medical condition

I'm thrilled that your son or daughter is considering travelling with Unleashed Grad Trips.

Each year, we bring students together to foster independence, celebrate academic achievements, and create lifelong memories with their classmates. I want to take this opportunity to share more about our trips and invite you to reach out with any questions.

Since our inception in 2008, Unleashed Grad Trips has become a leader in overseas school leaver holidays and has expanded to include domestic locations. Our focus is on crafting trips that blend cultural experiences with quality time spent with friends. Unleashed Grad Trips offers your child the chance to snorkel in pristine waters, explore rich history in Europe, and conquer incredible mountains in Japan, among other adventures.

Our ethos revolves around exploring new locations, countries, and cultures while enjoying time with friends in amazing settings. Although independence is encouraged, safety remains our top priority.

All Unleashed destinations are staffed by our dedicated Unleashed Crew. These experienced travellers understand the balance between safe supervision and fun. They are available 24/7 and serve as older siblings, ensuring your child's safety and enjoyment. Upon arrival, the Unleashed Crew will greet your child at the airport, guide them through transfers, and accompany them to the accomodation. Whether it's an emergency or simply needing assistance, a Crew member will be there every step of the way.

At Unleashed Grad Trips, we take extensive measures to ensure the safety of all travellers. With exclusive use of our resorts in Fiji and Byron Bay, unwanted guests are unable to access the premises. In Fiji, we strictly prohibit Duty-Free alcohol to prevent unmonitored drinking and dangerous binge drinking. Additionally, we work closely with local authorities to conduct bag searches on arrival, ensuring no contraband enters the resort.

Extra security and police presence at each resort create a safe haven for your child to enjoy themselves and create memories they'll cherish for years to come.

Our staff are available to discuss our trips in more detail and address any concerns you may have. I encourage you to reach out to us for further information.

Warm Regards,
The Unleashed Team


Stories from the parents of Unleashed travellers

Catherine Weinress

As a parent, I have only positive things to say about Unleashed. They do an exceptional job running their program to give grads a unique, incredibly fun-filled and safe schoolies experience. The info night they offered parents months in advance provided all the relevant details we needed to understand what was being offered, what the costs were, how the kids would be supervised etc. My daughter and friends went to Fiji’s Mana Island and enjoyed every second of it.

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The Unleashed team ran the entire thing so smoothly and professionally, taking care of all the transport including airfares, accommodations, meals and nightly entertainment with themed parties. They also organised daily activities like cultural excursions, snorkelling etc. We had total piece of mind that our daughter was in a safe & well supervised environment and she was able to enjoy a week of fun & partying with old friends and new at a beautiful tropical resort. It was incredible value for money. I highly recommend Unleashed and their Fiji program!

Ruth Woolley

My daughter absolutely loved her trip to Fiji!!!
Every step of the booking process including issuing of tickets and information was so efficient.
Kylie Goodwin deserves a special mention as her dedication to answering questions from parents and students went above and beyond and was always pleasant and informative to the person asking the question, no matter if she had answered that question numerous times already on the forum.

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My daughter had an allergic reaction on her 2nd last day and received care and medicine while on her trip.
I was confident that the team at Unleashed were looking after her.
Can't recommend the Unleashed team enough, will definitely be booking my son in for 2026!

Nerys Thompson

Highly recommend booking Unleashed for schoolies! Our son had a brilliant time on Mana Resort. The activities, crew and vibe created a perfect experience for him and his mates to celebrate finishing school!
It gave us peace of mind as a parent knowing they were having fun and had support if anything went wrong. The moment our son booked his trip the organisation and communication from Unleashed was excellent. Thank you!

Kirsten Bryden

My daughter had a wonderful experience with her friends, loved the activities and parties, and didn’t have to worry about a thing with all the logistics taken care of. As a parent, I was reassured with the clear communication and support, and so impressed with how all the repetitive and strange questions from parents were handled with such patience and professionalism. Would definitely recommend Unleashed for anyone planning a fabulous end of school getaway.

Yvette Boulos

What an amazing schoolies experience for my son. Not only did he have what he described as being the best way to celebrate finishing high school and enjoying no longer studying for his HSC, Kylie Goodwin (and the Unleashed staff who were at the resort with my son) have given beyond what I expected. I got photos every morning of the sunrise (and of course knew he has stayed up to see it and thought how incredible for him).

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He said the staff made the time such an experience he will remember (and maybe there are some parts that maybe a little hazy) for the rest of his life. But my one shout out is to Kylie Goodwin. Your patience in the parents FB group has been beyond anything i have ever seen before. I can’t wait for my other 2 sons to do their schoolies trip with Unleashed Tours to Fiji. So glad my son did this rather than the usual Gold Coast trip. Thank you to all at Unleashed Tours.


Heather Bennett

My son (18) just returned from a week at Mana Island in Fiji with Unleashed and had the time of his life! He said it was well organised, the parties were amazing and the crew were fantastic - friendly, responsive and enthusiastic. As a parent I was incredibly impressed with the admin team, especially Kylie - super quick responses to our often repetitive questions, and I always felt they were committed to both our kids’ safety and ensuring they had a fantastic time! My second daughter will be doing this in a few years time and I would not contemplate doing schoolies any other way.

Meet Jot, Managing Director

My job is to continually review our trips, with a focus on development and improvement, resulting in amazing experiences for every traveller.

I am determined to make sure that all our trips are unique and memorable adventures, without ever compromising safety.

We take health and safety very seriously and have developed extensive training and procedures for all our Destination Crew in case of emergency. By having these procedures in place, our crew can focus on delivering the other Happy Traveller Standards that result in the Trip of a Lifetime!




Partners & Accreditations

Tried and tested, we only work with the best!

   John   Nichol

Regional General Manager - Australia

“The partnership between Fiji Airways and Unleashed Grad Trips has indeed been valuable. Unleashed Grad Trips is managed by strong leadership, have a dedicated team, and offer innovative travel opportunities for young people..."

"...Fiji Airways is proud to be a partner of Unleashed Grad Trips.”

   Akshay    Singh

Director of Sales & Marketing

"We have been working with Unleashed Grad Trips for many years and hold them in high regard. Together we have developed a unique & fun experience for Grad Trips at Plantation Island Resort and we have always valued their reliability, work ethic, customer focus and attention to detail. I have always been amazed by how much the Unleashed Team care about their students, always ensuring they are safe, happy and making the most of their celebration. We look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Claudine Alame

NSW Coordinator

"For over 10 years, we’ve been working with Unleashed Grad Trips to create memorable experiences for graduates. Their positive and hard-working spirit paired with their expertise in the student graduate markets makes them unique. They are able to create travel options that are not only appealing, but educational, as they understand the youth of today. The Transat organisation is very privileged to work with such an incredible and competent team."

Maria   Browne

Health Promotion Officer

"Play Safe is an initiative of NSW Health and the South Eastern Sydney HARP Unit. We have been partnering with Unleashed Travel since 2016.  The purpose of this partnership is all things sexual health promotion for young people enjoying Grad Trip.  This includes education and resources around consent, safe sex, STI prevention and sexual assault awareness. Our partnership actively protects young people and assist them making informed decisions. For more information on Play Safe, click our logo above."




Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO)

"CATO is a trade association representing the domestic and outbound land-supply of the Australian travel industry. Members of CATO pledge themselves to conduct their business activities in a manner that promotes the ideal of integrity in travel and agree to act in accordance with the principles of the CATO Members Code of Conduct. CATO members are held to the highest of standards and strive to provide high quality travel experiences."

Airline Partners

Resort Partners

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