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Hear first hand why Unleashed Grad Trips are the very best

Carly Arkinstall

I traveled with Unleashed to Europe in Nov/Dec 2015 and had one of the best experiences of my life to date. I couldn't recommend this as a schoolies trip more, because I experienced so many amazing things in the 21 days there. From picnicking under the Eiffel Tower, to bike riding around the canals of Amsterdam, to museum hopping in Berlin, to having gelato and pizza 3 meals a day in Italy, to ice skating on Mozarts Palace in Salzburg and to wandering the many christmas markets in every country, we did it all. Our bus full of schoolies became a family and we enjoyed every moment! Really well organized and felt safe everywhere we went.

Tarna Flake

By far the greatest week of my life over on Mana Island all thanks to the awesome crew behind Unleashed. My friends and I were a little worried that the trip was going to feel like a "school camp" but it was far from that. We spent the days lounging around by the pool, chillin' on the beach (which was right outside our door, literally), snorkelling, eating pizza on Cloud 9 and so many more epic activities run by the crew. After the sun had set, Unleashed threw massive themed parties that completely blew our expectations! The memories we made were unforgettable and I would do it all over again a dozen times.

Matty Hill talks the trip up and gets you super hyped but in all honestly, nothing he could say or any photo you see from previous years could ever compare to the week spent over in Fiji. I recommend it to everybody!

Thanks so much Unleashed, you guys are legends!

Mat Lakos

absolutely hands down the best schoolies destination anyone could ask for! the facilities and scenery at plantation island as well as the insane parties and awesome activities they have on offer, you really cant go wrong! the Fiji locals as well as the unleashed crew made this trip so much easier and enjoyable for everyone and was really impressed with all the help and fun they provided! definitely would recommend this to all future schoolies travellers!

bula bula!!!

Kristie Beedie

Where do I even begin? If you are looking for the party experience of a lifetime but you also want a relaxing holiday soaking up the sun then you've come to the right place! I went on unleashed grad trip in 2015, I spent a week on plantation island in Fiji with 5 of my closest friends and what a week it was. Everything from the food to the parties to the daily adventures was incredible! My personal favourite was cloud 9, lounging around in the sun with some cocktails and the most amazing picturesque view you can imagine, what more do you need. Then coming home and getting amped up for the party ahead, whether it was Island theme or gender bender it was guaranteed to be a wild night, and to start off your next day, a Buffet breakfast to help you recover from the night before and then you can do it all over again! I honestly can't recommend it enough, unleashed gave me the most amazing experience I could have ever imagined and I'm so glad I got to be apart of just one of these amazing trips!

Matthew Verhelst

I never really post reviews on Facebook, but you guys honestly deserve all the great reviews you can get! I was mana island week 3, and It really was a #TripofaLifetime , the whole experience was insanely awesome! You guys blew expectations out of the water, and the crew were some of the nicest people out! Not only did you throw the best parties out, you gave us great day time experiences too! Defs the best schoolies experience out by far! My friends and I made great new mates, had great experiences, and now have great memories! I would happily do it all again right now, so thanks so much for making my schoolies experience as great as it was, you guys honestly rock!!!

Merita Elshani

Awesome would be an understatement! At first when I heard "trip of a lifetime", I was like, yeah sure, but after spending week 1 on plantation island I had no doubt. The unleashed grad trip was not mistake and definitely topped any other schoolies option. We spent everyday out and about, swimming, kayaking, snorkelling, banana boating, donuting, on cloud 9, hiking and the list goes on and on and on. When the sun went down the lights went on, the music pumped and the night life started (which was just as amazing). The crew topped the trip keeping us safe 24/7 (seriously), they talked to us, organized activities, danced with us, walked us home and acted like the cool parents we all wanted. If you come across the unleashed grad trips as an option, don't think any longer and take the opportunity, NO REGRETS! The trip of a lifetime is for everyone and it will suit you whether you like doing heaps or doing nothing, it's your choice and you'll love it.

Meg Whiticker

Unleashed Grad trips really are a trip of a lifetime!! Attending Fiji Mana island was insane!!! The parties every night were insane!! The views from our rooms were postcard perfect. The Fiji staffs makes the experience so enjoyable as they are all so friendly and are willing to teach you about their culture. The variety of food was delicious every day and you are crazy not to apply for this trip!!!! In no way what so ever could you be disappointed! A massive highlight for myself was the SOS cultural exchange day! If you attended the Fiji grad trips make sure you go on the SOS day!! Meeting new people is also so fun as they are from all over Australia and NZ! This allows you to build strong connections inner/ outer state forever! Building relations with the crew and red frogs members is also really fun as they generally have some funny stories to tell and are always willing to help!! GO ON THIS TRIP!!! I can't thank unleashed enough for such an amazing trip!

Will Pescud

I went on my grad trip in 2013 to Plantation island, Fiji and can honestly say that I had the best week of my life. With so much to do and being in such great hands my grad trip was hassle free and allowed me to get involved in everything spectacular that Fiji has to offer. This year, 2015, I was fortunate enough to land a position as Destination Crew with Unleashed Grad Trips in Fiji, I had an amazing experience and feel privileged that I had the ability to enhance the trip of so many students and ensured they had their #TripofaLifetime. I would highly recommend a Grad Trip with Unleashed to anyone and everyone!

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Elodie Vela
Elodie V.
05:56 05 Jun 18
Jot and his team at Unleashed Grad Trips are an incredible bunch! They plan the funnest, most adventurous trips. I wish I got to go on one when I was a Schoolie! We love working with them and their team.
Jai Sheridan
Jai S.
09:36 21 Dec 15
My Unleashed Grad Trip was the most incredible and fun filled week of my life! The unleashed crew were awesome and made the trip feel so safe and comfortable. All the activities exceeded my expectations and were beyond compare, making the trip more memorable. The celebrations each night, including the themes created a fantastic atmosphere enhancing the ability to create friendships and bonds with people from many other schools as well as the crew. I would defiantly recommend going on the trip, it was a once in a lifetime experience, and something i will never forget!
Helaena Meehan
Helaena M.
00:16 20 Dec 15
My Unleashed Grad Trip was one of the best trips I have ever been on. I had so many new and crazy experiences that I am able to say will remain with me as memories forever. The crew were amazing and made sure everyone was safe whilst having the time of their life. They were all very friendly and supporting. No matter where you go Unleashed Grad Trips are the best way to celebrate finishing school and I would do my Grad Trip all over again in a heartbeat!!
bailey elliott
bailey E.
10:39 15 Dec 15
The crew were like older siblings, there to help you and keen to chat whenever. I felt very safe travelling internationally knowing everything will have been kept under control. The activities, day and night, catered for everyone. Celebrating such a milestone with unleashed at Fiji was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have memories and friendships from my trip that will last a lifetime.
Keeley Hickey
Keeley H.
13:04 14 Dec 15
My experience in Fiji with the Unleashed Crew was one that I will never forget. At first I was nervous about being in a different country without my family, however after 24 hours with the Unleashed Crew it became extremely clear that I was in a safe environment with people who genuinely cared for my safety and well being. I could not recommend the crew at a higher level as they were able to make me feel welcomed and assisted my trip of a lifetime. Nothing was ever a problem for the crew members and they were able to morph from relaxed friends to professional carers in an instance. I truly believe that my experience would not of been as incredible had it not been with Unleashed Travel.

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