Our Purpose

We create Happy Travellers and the #TripofaLifetime by providing memorable journeys for friends

We have more than 10 years of experience creating life changing journeys for students. We work around the clock to provide an epic student experience through original travel adventures, awesome staff, excellent service, amazing destinations, and friendship that will last a lifetime.

Happy Travellers

We want all our travellers to be excited and happy from the time they first hear about us until long after they’re back home.  Learn more »

Memorable Journeys

We provide memorable travel experiences that you won’t be able to stop sharing with new and old friends for the rest of your life.

Our Team

We’re the best group of travel buddies in the world

The History of Unleashed Grad Trips

It all started with 2 travel industry professionals

Starting up their own travel company in order to share their love of travel back in 2006,
Unleashed Grad Trips has grown to allow over 22,000 Australian and New Zealand students to experience Grad Trips across the world.

Grad Trip on an Island

First overseas Grad Trip to Beachcomber Island, Fiji

Unleashed moves from a bedroom into an office

Unleashed Grad Trips moves head office to Paddington, NSW

Hello Plantation Island

Unleashed Grad Trips runs its first trip to Plantation Island, Fiji

Destination Expansion

Grad Trip expands to Vanuatu, Indonesia and 4 Resorts in Fiji


First time Volunteer Cambodia is offered and our first ever departure sells out

The Unleashed Grad Trips Values are born

Staff develop the 7 Unleashed Grad Trips Values that all staff live by

15,000 Happy Travellers

Over 15,000 students travelled

Cultural Exchange

First time the Cultural Exchange Day is offered in both Fiji and Vanuatu Grad Trips

Europe Awaits

The first Europe Grad Trips departs London with 2 full coaches of Students

Konnichiwa Japan

Unleashed introduce a Ski Trip to Hakuba, Japan and first departure sells out

Hot off the Press

Hey look, we're in the news!

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