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How do I book

Bookings can be made directly with Unleashed by clicking 'ENQUIRE NOW' on the top of our website or reach out via email at info@unleashedtravel.com.au we would love to help you out!


How do I book extra activities in Fiji?

All water sports available in Fiji (jet-skiing, surfing, parasailing, snorkelling trips etc) can be booked once you arrive at the resort. There will be an allocated time on Day 2 for Activities Sign Up. This also includes our Unleashed Floating Party and Cultural Day.


Is the price per person?

Yes, the price is per person and is the whole package, not just your accommodation. So, if you have 3 people in your group, you will book a triple share room and all pay the price of the triple share package each.


How much money do I need to bring?

Depending on activities or additional food or drink you may want to assume each individual's budget will be different but as we recommend a budget of $100 per person per day (some spend less and some spend more). Our pre-departure information will have pricing of all extra activities so you can create your own budget.


Can I drink in Fiji?

The legal age of drinking is 18 years’ old in Fiji. Underage drinking is not tolerated. Wristbands are supplied to students to advise age.


What do I need to pack, how much luggage can I bring?

A 20kg checked bag and 7kg carry on is the standard allowance on most international flights. Please check with the airline once your itinerary has been issued.


Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?

Yes, Unleashed trips will cater for all dietary requirements, whether you are gluten intolerant, vegetarian, pescatarian etc there are options available to you. Please notify us at time of booking.


How do I check my balance?

Balance can be checked via your online portal. Details on how to access your portal will be supplied on your booking confirmation.


What is included in your price for Fiji?

Included in our package is return flights and luggage, taxes, transfers, accomodation, buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, Unleashed crew, security, red frogs, DJs, organised activities, events and parties each night.


Do I need a visa for Fiji?

AU/NZ Passport holders don’t require visas, however any other nationally should check with their consulate


Is there Wi-Fi available in Fiji?

Each resort has Wi-Fi available, there are varying costs per resort, cost will be outlined in your final documents.


Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, comprehensive insurance is compulsory.


Can I bring my surfboard?

Yes, most definitely. Fiji has amazing surf. The airline may charge you an extra fee, once you receive your flight information, we recommend checking prices online.


Do I need vaccinations?

We always recommend that you consult your GP and discuss the countries you are visiting and what you have been vaccinated for in the past.


How do I pay for my trip?

Payment of your trip can be made via credit card or bank transfer.


What isn't included in my Fiji package?

Travel Insurance, drinks, food outside of buffet meal times, extra activities (Cultural Day, water sports, Unleashed Floating Party etc).


How do I pay on my trip?

Students can pay with credit cards,Visa/Mastercard debit cards, or local currency. Please be aware that students will not have access to ATM's for the duration of their trip.


When do I get my flight details?

Flights will be advised in October of the travelling year. You will get your itinerary and pre-departure details in your final documents at this time.


What are the medical facilities are available in Fiji?

Each resort has onsite medical facilities including a doctor and nurses available 24hrs a day.


What do I do with my valuables?

Valuables can be stored in your safe located in your hotel room. If in doubt, leave them at home.


Do I need a power adaptor for Fiji?

No adaptor is needed, Fiji use same power points as found in AU/NZ

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