Australian Travel Insurances

Travel Insurance is compulsory on all our trips.

Our host resorts work extremely hard to keep everyone safe and well but sometimes there are things outside of their control. Many resorts are remote and hard to reach so medevacs could potentially be very expensive but the only option.

Whilst our customers are very welcome to purchase Travel Insurance from any reputable provider, Unleashed Grad Trips has a partnership with Chi Travel Insurance. Please make sure you read the Product Disclosure Statement to make sure this product is the right one for you.

Chi Travel Insurance

Happy Traveller Standards

We have created 4 indicators that determine whether we’ve achieved our goals, following our knowledge and years of experience in the travel industry. They are tracked by our team and measured daily to make improvements while our trips are running. We call these indicators our Happy Traveller Standards.


Create peace of mind for all travellers – this is our #1 and only ‘non-negotiable’ standard.

Seamless Operations

Build and execute every aspect of your trip with a detailed focus.


Ensure physical, mental, or emotional boundaries do not stop any student from experiencing any part of our trips.


Create and provide unique and unforgettable experiences that would not be possible without Unleashed Grad Trips.

Guidelines to a Fun & Safe trip

The Unleashed Grad Trips Code are guidelines to ensure a fun and safe environment for all travellers. Prior to the trip, we recommend all parents and guardians have an open and honest conversation with their child to discuss expectations and behaviour while abroad.


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