Best Dressed at Schoolies Fiji

by Amy Sales, 1 year ago

UNLEASHED are known for the epic parties and themes!
We asked some of our past students what they thought of our themes. 

Tropicana Pool Party! Think tropical vibes with hula skirts, flower necklaces along with the beach dad shirts. Sippin on cocktails while slipping into the pool, theres a swim up pool bar with service, DJ's blasting beats and my favourite... Crew VS Grad students fun and games with races and dance offs. Slippery, wet and tropical under the Fiji sun! 

Schools Out! On second night the party kicked off Schools Out theme, what a better way to celebrate 12 years of schooling done and dusted, then to rip apart old uniforms, sign friends and blitz and glitz them to party the night away in. Finding out where people are from by looking at the school logos and making memories with new found friends for life.

Pink Party! Who doesn't look pretty in pink? Pink, pink and more pink! Pink clothes, pink hair, pink paint, pink zinc, pink accessories.. even the boys went all out! It was definitely like being in the mean girls movie on a Wednesday!


Tight n bright! Raving in the dark, glowing in neon colours and having the time of our lives dancing to the beats made by worldwide known DJ's. Drinking tribes, tongues are changing colours :P, and having some fun with each other by competing in and watching the Mr & Mrs Unleashed, but hey... what happens in Fiji, stays in Fiji..!

Dress like your type! This was a fav! Boys in mini dresses, and girls a wide range.. tradies, dads, players, footballers and even the fisherman. What a theme to find out who was into who ;).

Into the Jungle.... Jungle man (a local Fijian guy) sure felt in his element with this one and stole the show. Vibin with the locals, such fun and positive energy and everyone dancing the night away!

The dance floor was definitely the place to be. Meeting influencers, partying with the Unleashed Crew, the local Fijian's, new and old friends, running in and out of the foam pit and a cool off under the hose from the warm nights. Nights that lasted till day, nights that will forever be remembered. I cannot recommend Unleashed Grad Trip enough!

WRITTEN BY Destani Pratley (2022 Grad Student)

Each year we change up our themes and activities! Have your vote on which themes you'd love on your grad trip!
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