How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Go to Schoolies Week

by Kyle Bahr, 7 years ago

Schoolies talk

You’re often walking a fine line between fighting for your right to party, and giving your folks peace of mind. Here are some tips to convince your parents to say “yes” to schoolies.

  1. You can be safe AND have fun. At the same time. During one of the Unleashed holidays, you’re basically hiring somebody to look out for you while you concentrate on having the best seven days of your schooling career. The “Unleashed Crew” are specially trained to have their eyes on everything so they can spot the first inklings of trouble. They’ll be by your side from the moment you arrive at the airport  and won’t leave your side for the entire trip – even on the d-floor.
  2. Give your folks as much information as they need. Parents will often bug you endlessly about who you’re with, where you’re staying and if you’re eating enough so clue them in to your plans before you leave so that you’re spared the Spanish Inquisition. Key them in to any special events you’re attending during the trip, make a detailed copy of your itinerary including travel arrangements and flight details, and compile a little black book of “in case of emergency” phone numbers and the details of your accommodation. Make sure they have a copy of your Trip Guides!
  3. Let them know about the unique holidays on offer that will change their view of what schoolies week is all about. With an Unleashed trip it’s all about creating an experience that focuses on being independent, taking part in a new culture and celebrating with new and old friends for the week. There are different options to choose from, picture perfect resorts in Fiji with schoolies-only, stay within Australia and travel to the beautiful Byron Bay, or even be adventurous travelling to Japan or Europe.

Let your folks know that schoolies week doesn’t have to be something to worry about, and when they hear about Unleashed they’ll be in your corner.

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