Grab a Snorkel and Mail a Postcard from Vanuatu’s Underwater Post Office

by Kyle Bahr, 7 years ago

Chances are, you’ve heard of Vanuatu’s famous post office – the only underwater post office in the world.

Located in approximately 3 metres of water just off Hideaway Island in a marine sanctuary, swimmers and snorkelers can post a special waterproof postcard to anywhere in the world. Each card receives a special cancellation stamp using a new embossed cancellation device, showing where the postcard has been sent from. No ink required!

The post box is an official box placed into the water by Vanuatu Post in 2003 and is marked overhead by a floating flag.

The post box is manned for approximately one hour per day (longer when a cruise ship is nearby), and since it’s opening it has seen more than 100,000 visitors. It would be a good schoolies story that you’ll remember for years to come.

Imagine your families face when they open the letterbox to find your postcard – sent all the way from Vanuatu’s seabed!


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