A Guide to Packing for Schoolies

by Kyle Bahr, 7 years ago

As Schoolies week gets closer and closer, it’s hard not to get excited!

The important stuff

But before jetting off for a week you’ll never forget, you want to make sure you’ve packed everything you need for your trip. We’ve created an awesome packing list that will ensure nothing you’ll need is left behind.

The most important things you’ll need for your trip are your travel documents. This includes your passport, drivers license and credit cards. It’s also a good idea to photocopy each of these items and take one copy with you, and leave one copy at home with a family member.

Make sure your passport has at least 6 months validity after your planned return date to Australia. Some countries refuse entry if this requirement isn’t met, and some airlines won’t even let you board for the flight if you don’t have this.

Carry cash with you that will last you for the next day, but no more. Get out money only as you need it, as this way if you are robbed or your bag is lost, you don’t also lose all of your money.

Note: Always keep your important documents and medications in your carry on luggage. If your luggage gets lost for whatever reason, it won’t be such a big deal because you have all of the important stuff with you.

First aid kitty

When traveling it’s a good idea to carry a kitty of first aid items with you, including panadol, bandaids and other essentials like tablets to treat diarrhea (just in case). For girls, this should include some pads and/or tampons.

Clothing and other items

There’s no need to take expensive jewellery with you on an island escape. Anything that you have that’s really valuable, leave it at home. If you are taking an expensive camera, you may want to organise coverage for it through your travel insurance provider.


Do not take with you anything that’s not worn in. You don’t want to spend your week with blisters. Make sure you have a couple of pairs of thongs or sandals, joggers, and you can leave your  ‘going out shoes’ or heels/dressy sandals at home, you won't need these on the Fiji beaches.


Make sure you have two pairs of swimmers to alternate between, at least one clean t-shirt and shorts or a summer dress to throw on each day, and a few outfits to wear to parties or clubs during the week. A hat and sunglasses are also essential, and for the girls a sarong is something easy to throw on after a swim.


Deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste are all the standard basics. Then there’s sunscreen. This is really important as if you get burnt you’ll spend the rest of the time feeling uncomfortable, so invest in a quality sunscreen. Don’t forget hair care products, moisturisers, shaving items and, for the girls, a small toiletries bag filled with all of your essential makeup items.

Take your time packing, and make your own list. You may want to add things like a book or magazines for the flight. Remember, pack right and you won’t have to worry about buying or borrowing a thing during your schoolies week.

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