How to make the most out of your Fiji Grad Trip

by Kyle Bahr, 5 years ago

Heading to Fiji in week 2 or 3 of Grad Trip? Have you been watching our Insta stories and waiting eagerly for our next post in anticipation of your own #TripOfALifetime?

Well, we're here to bring some extra hype for your upcoming travels to the land of sun, sand, and palms by bringing you a step-by-step guide of how to make the most out of your Fiji Grad Trip!


If you don't know what to pack yet, make sure to check out your Trip Guide! Knowing what to pack can be the difference between whether you end up a crispy skinned lobster, or a sun-kissed bun.

Here's some of the most important admin stuff to bring with you:

Passport (triple check that it's on you before you leave the house)!
Itinerary/e-ticket for your flight
Printed and signed Code of Conduct (found in your Trip Guide)
Printed travel insurance deets
Printed and signed Credit Card Authorisation Form (found in your Trip Guide, only if you're using your parents card to pay for expenses)
A working debit/credit card. Eftpos cards aren't accepted on island! (Cash generally isn't recommended)

Now for the fun stuff:

Sunscreen, suncream, sunblock! Whatever you call it, pack extra and apply generously
Themed outfits: jungle safari, gender bender, schools out, tropicana pool party and 80s workout!
Your favourite summer clothes
Beach towel (there's nothing worse than having to use a white hotel room towel, amirite?)
Thongs/sneakers/comfy shoes
Hat and sunglasses
Medical supplies: bandaids, hydralyte, panadol, insect repellent, berocca etc... (for those raging hangovers)

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One way to make sure you feel in control of your experience is knowing what to expect.

First, get to your designated airport at least 3 hours before your flight is scheduled to leave. If you want to sit with your friends on the plane, head up to the check-in counter together and get the airline to seat you next to each other.

Once you arrive in Fiji, grab your bags and head to the buses! There will be Unleashed crew waiting upon your arrival to Fiji to tell you where to go and what to do next in the transfer process.

Finally, you're on island! Now get ready for a briefing process and the issuing of your cash cards, room keys, and wristbands.

From there, head to your rooms and get ready for the first night of island life! The d-floor is waiting for you!

In the average day-to-day and night-to-night, there are tonnes of free activities offered by the Unleashed crew, as well as paid activities offered by the resort.

There will also be activities schedules pinned up all around the island, so take a photo and get to the activity at the allocated time, or sign up for a particular paid activity with resort staff.


We cannot stress this enough! You'll meet so many new people, watch some crazy stuff unfold, and have an all round good time, all while listening to our DJ's spin some cracking tunes.

Become the Queen or King of the island in Mr. and Mrs. Unleashed, snorkel in your new backyard, bust out your best singing voice for karaoke, or verse the crew in the ultimate battle of the island!

Wanna see more? Check out your Trip Guide for the full list of Unleashed (and paid) activities.

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Think you can complete our Grad Trip Bucket List? We'd love to see you try 😉

Go to the 'Secret Party'
Beat the crew in one of the Crew vs. Students challenges
Sing a song with your friends at karaoke
Participate in Mr. and Mrs. Unleashed
Go on the Boat Party!
Meet 5 new people and follow them on the 'gram/add them on FB
Go to the SOS Cultural Day

As a former student and crew member of Unleashed, these 4 steps are guaranteed to be 100% effective in ensuring you have the most epic experience ever!

Have the best time ever, grads!

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