Important Travel Essentials!

by Amy Davis, 6 years ago

So for you lucky year 12 students who are counting down the final days til you go to schoolies or you very patient year 11 students waiting anxiously for your schoolies next year, there are some very important travel documents that you must complete before travelling to your schoolies destination

  1. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is compulsory on all our trips! the last thing your parents want is a huge medical bill when you come home from schoolies if something happens to you. therefore travel insurance is a must!

While you’re more than welcome to choose travel insurance from any reputable provider, Unleashed Grad Trips have arranged a 15% discount for our travellers through QBE Insurance. So be sure to get your insurance ASAP!

  1. Accomodation Damage Safeguard (ADS)

Unleashed Travel has a non-refundable $69AUD Accidental Damage Protection which provides cover for the traveller from any accidental damage imposed on any property of the resort. Unleashed Travel and the resort company will determine the severity of the damage, if either company feels the damage imposed is not accidental, Unleashed Travel and/or the resort company holds all rights to charge the full costs of the damages to the responsible traveller. Otherwise you will need to pay a $500FJD room deposit per person at check in as security in case there is any damage to your room. You will receive your deposit in full at check out if the room is at the same standard as it was when you checked in.

  1. Traveller Information Form (TIF)

Before you jet off on schoolies you must fill out your Traveller Information Form which can be found on your customer portal!

So get your mates together and ensure that you have completed these three essential steps so you can enjoy your grad trip and not be that person at the resort without the vital forms!

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