Influencer Highlight: Lachy McIntyre’s Unleashed Fiji Experience

by Amy Sales, 2 weeks ago

Lachy McIntyre's Unleashed Fiji Experience!

At Unleashed, we crank up the excitement by inviting some seriously cool influencers to join us on our epic Fiji trips! Today, we have a treat for you - we got the chance to chat with none other than Lachy McIntyre, who joined us as an influencer on our Fiji trip last year. Remember the good times and great vibes? Lachy was right there with us, adding his own touch of fun! Let's dive in and hear all about his Fiji experience with Unleashed…

Have you traveled with Unleashed prior to this trip?

I travelled with Unleashed in 2018 for my own Grad Trip and was blown away at how beautiful the island was and the privacy we had. I didn't have to worry about Toolies or disturbing the public when we had our own private island to relax and party on.

Who was your favourite DJ set?

In 2022, my favourite DJ set was either Hodges or Benny. In 2023, it would have to be headliner DJ - Audent (biased) but also Eggs Benny and Jayme Muscat that were Crew DJ's.

Can you describe the most breathtaking scenery you encountered during your time in Fiji?

The sunset on Plantation. Crystal clear blue water while you finish dinner and you can have your first tribe as the music from the dancefloor starts playing. All put together it was an amazing sight and feeling.

What activities did you participate in?

I participated in the Cultural Day in both 2022 and 2023, emceed Mr and Mrs Unleashed in 2022 and 2023, emceed the Graddies vs Crew competition/Pool Party in 2022, snorkelled in 2022 and 2023, snorkleled with sharks in 2023, partied at the Unleashed Floating Party, attended all themed nights, enjoyed horseback riding to the waterfall at Nuku Grad Trip, and jet skied. I probably participated in more but I can't remember now.

Tell us about your Cultural Day experience. How did the local culture and people affect your overall experience?

It's possibly the best and most memorable part of the trip. Despite the trip being about letting your hair down and partying, the Cultural Day stands out as an experience that stays with you and has a real emotional impact. Engaging with the kids and staff at their school not only gives you a profound sense of enjoyment but also makes you appreciate how lucky we are back home when it comes to the facilities and equipment we have. It's a great break from the usual 100 miles per hour partying schedule you're on as you can listen to them sing, play some games and just interact with them in a way that is super wholesome and memorable. I've said it before, Cultural Exchange is either one of your highlights or one of the things you wish you did.

Can you share a memorable interaction or moment you had with locals during your trip?

We played rugby with boys from Kindergarten to Year 6 for a couple of hours and it was so much fun and we assumed we wouldn't see them again after that. Fortunately, a few hours after we got back to our rooms we saw the same boys playing footy on the beach outside. Myself and a couple others who remembered them went down and played rugby in the ocean with them while it bucketed down with rain. As cliche as it sounds, there were no phones, no cameras capturing the moment, just a really memorable time with people we'd met just hours ago and couldn't fully communicate with yet. We felt like we'd be friends for years and we didn't need words to express how much fun we were all having together.

What advice would you give to someone planning a trip with Unleashed to Fiji?

Bring sunscreen. Pace yourself, remember you've got activities available during the day which you don't want to miss out on. If you can, sign up for as many activities as possible. Get amongst the crew activities like speed dating, Mr and Mrs Unleashed etc. Like me on my own trip, you might think it's going to be cringe but it's a lot of fun and a great way to spend your time. DO THE CULTURAL DAY. Get to know the crew, they're not teachers, they're not there to spy on you or discipline you, they're there to facilitate what YOU want to do. You'll probably be with a big group from your school but please meet new people. Just because someone goes to a different school doesn't mean you have to fight them. Unleashed is an island paradise, not a UFC ring.

How did your Fiji experience compare to other travel destinations you've visited?

Visually one of the most beautiful places I've been to. Nothing is too expensive and the locals are very friendly. It's relaxing, laid back and hot.

Can you share a funny or unexpected moment that happened during your time in Fiji?

Getting taken out by a 10 year old on the Cultural Exchange while playing rugby (I swear I slipped). Also, I made friends with a group of boys whilst I was there and when I said I was going to bed instead of grabbing one more drink, about 5 of them picked me up and carried me over to the bar. I had one more drink with them.

What was your accommodations like, and did they enhance your experience?

Fantastic accommodation and lots of space. The facilities all worked and if there were ever issues, maintenance would come by or they'd move you to a new room. Also the rooms are close together so you won't feel separated from your mates. They have porches and seating out front so you can all do pre’s together; not to mention a 30 second walk from the ocean and the main dance floor.

Did you learn any interesting facts or insights about Fiji's history or heritage while you were there?

I learned how to say BULA correctly. BOOLAHHHH.

How has your Fiji experience influenced your future travel plans or content creation?

It definitely makes me want to travel back to Fiji or other tropical places similar to it. In terms of social media, it made me better at capturing more moments rather than just filming myself in my room (which is what I do at home). Also I got better at using equipment more suited to Fiji like GoPro's, underwater cameras etc.

What was the most relaxing part of your time in Fiji?

Sitting on a long bed on the beach or floating around the water at the Unleashed Floating Party.

How did you feel when you first arrived in Fiji?

Excited, ready to rip and/or tear.

What was your favourite memory from your trip?

In 2018, my favourite memory was being on my mates shoulders singing Bohemian Rhapsody on the last night. And coming on the trip as an influencer, my favourite memory was hosting the Mr and Mrs Unleashed and the Cultural Day.

Would you visit Fiji again in the future?


Lachy’s Fiji trip with Unleashed sounds like an absolute blast, right? If you’re ready to meet and party with Lachy McIntyre yourself, then what are you waiting for?

Book a trip to Unleashed now and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! If Lachy’s stories haven’t convinced you, well, I guess you'll be missing out on the adventure of a lifetime. But hey, the choice is yours – are you ready to unleash the fun? Stay tuned for more exciting conversations with even more influencers…


Blog Written By Tiara Bates & Lachy McIntyre

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