Student POV on Grad Trips

by Amy Sales, 10 months ago

Student POV on Fiji Grad Trips

Bula! What an experience. My schoolies trip to Fiji with Unleashed Grad Trips was one of the
best decisions I have ever made and was such a great experience. I graduated from Callaghan
College Jesmond Senior Campus in 2022 and went to Fiji for my schoolies with Unleashed with a group of 20 friends.

It was amazing to go with a big group of people although it wouldn't have changed my experience if I went with a smaller group as we made so many new friends on our trip. Some of these friends we made on our trip we are still in contact with. My friends and I shared a conjoining room with some people from Sydney and throughout our trip we got to know each other and by the end of the trip were partying together until 3am. We still keep in contact nowadays!

One of my favourite things about my trip would have been the night parties. From about 9pm-
3am Unleashed throw epic themed parties where everyone would get involved as dressed up. My
favourite theme was Tight & Bright because everyone got so involved with the dress ups that
night, even the Unleashed Crew, they also got involved in the Mr and Mrs Unleashed challenge
which was so funny to watch.

Most people would start drinking earlier in the day, at the day parties or activities or even by the bar at the pool, so by the time the night parties were on many people were ready for a great night ahead  which made it even more fun and such a great atmosphere.

Photo by Jess Bowen

During some of the parties some of the resort staff even got involved. At the pink themed party a staff
member we called 'Jungle Man' who was hilarious came and partied with us all night showing us up
with his dance moves. Everyone on the island knew 'Jungle Man'.

Each night the Unleashed Crew were at each of the parties hyping everyone up and making sure everyone was having a good night. The crew made it so fun getting everyone involved with activities and challenges such as the Mr and Mrs Unleashed and even the pool party dance offs, in Crew VS Students which was so much fun. The parties were so awesome!

As Fiji has many small islands and lots and lots of keen schoolies you choose an island to stay
on. I stayed on Mana Island Resort and Spa. The Fijian staff that helped look after us there were such beautiful and welcoming people. Everywhere you went there would be at least one Fijian staff member that would yell out “Bula” which means hello. They were the nicest people and were happy to
help with anything.

Some other people I knew decided to go to the Gold Coast instead of Fiji and from what I heard
they regretted it. I think it was mainly because they didn’t realise that it would cost just as much
or more than Fiji by the time they added up all their accommodation, flights, food, etc. Unleashed offer a deal that includes all accommodation, flights, food, parties and all you
had to pay for while you were there were your drinks. Some of my friends that went
to the Gold Coast had to pay $50 to get into EACH club. I think Fiji was a better option as
some of my friends were not 18 yet and were worried they wouldn’t be able to do things
because they were not 18 but in Fiji with Unleashed, 17 year olds did not miss out on a
thing. It is also such a safe place to go for your schoolies as it is on an island that only staff and
other schoolies are on, which makes it better because everyone there is there to have a good
time and no toolies!

The unleashed crew also recruited influencers to come on our trip with us. All of the influencers
were so lovely and happy to chat and party with us all which was so much fun. One of the influencers Blake Pavey who does stand up comedy even did a show for everyone which was hilarious.

Unleashed Grad Trips is the only way to go if you're booking your schoolies! I highly recommend!

Written By Abbey Sanderson

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