The Grad Trip souvenir you may not know you have…

by Amy Davis, 6 years ago

Now that the New Year has sprung and the post Fiji depression has seriously kicked in, it’s time to reminisce on all the great memories you made! To make sure that’s all you’re left with, look after your sexual health and get an STI test today.

I used to always be terrified at the idea of STI testing; I thought it would be this awkward, embarrassing, painful experience, but boy was I wrong! It’s as easy as peeing in a jar, that’s literally it! No examinations needed!


Just ask the GP for a sexual health checkup. Go with a friend the first time and grab an ice cream afterwards.

STI testing is the responsible and sensible thing to do. Here’s why:

  • STIs don’t usually have symptoms so testing is the only way to know.
  • STI testing is completely confidential and usually free with Medicare.
  • Anyone who has had sex should get an STI test even if you have used condoms.
  • Young people should be tested for STIs when they change partners or at least every year.
  • Don’t stress about the results because STIs are treatable. Chlamydia, which is the most common STI, is treated with one dose of antibiotics. That easy!

Also, thanks to Nurse Nettie, you can do an online screening from the comfort of your own home to see if you should get an STI test. How cool is that?

And as always, I’m speaking from personal experience, so for more information check out the Play Safe website for more info about testing, where to get tested and much more.

Be smart and Play Safe!

Amy xoxo

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