The low down on lockdown

by kylie.goodwin, 4 years ago

So, you’re in lockdown and you have no idea what to do!

Over the next few weeks, we will be spending a lot of time at home.

We know the sudden change to life can feel overwhelming. But it is possible to make this period as fun and creative as you can. Here are our top tips for lockdown.

  1. Get around the Houseparty, which is a face to face social network that allows you to connect with all your friends and family via a video call, you can leave 'facemails' (a video voicemail) and can play games with a group of up to 8 people!
  2. Create a TikTok account! Are you a lip-syncing sensation? Do you love to dance? This could be your moment to shine!
  3. Create don’t hate! Now is the time to get artsy! Grab yourself a coloring book or maybe even try painting or sketching. It’s very therapeutic!
  4. Exercise! Move your body for a 1 hour every day! Whether that be through walking, running and at-home workouts. Chris Hemsworth has created an app called Centr and is giving away 6 weeks free membership!

  1. Try some yoga! It’s not only great for moving your body but it also helps calm your mind and reduce anxiety and stress. Most yoga studios are offering a heavily discounted rate or even free classes you can watch in the comfort of your own home or even browse YouTube, there are so many amazing resources on there for free.
  2. Meditate! Apps such as Headspace and Bloom are a great resource right now and most offer a week free trial to get you started.
  3. Check-in with your loved ones, especially your grandparents.
  4. Buy a puzzle! Don’t underestimate the power of a good puzzle and let me tell you, you will find yourself getting lost for hours trying to put it together.

You aren’t in this alone, this is something that is affecting every human being right now (pretty crazy huh).  It’s so important we make time to reconnect to others, remember to laugh and play and practice mindfulness during this time. Most- importantly please stay at home. Unless you are leaving to exercise or help your parents with the grocery shop, stay at home. By doing so you are protecting all those around you. We’re all in this together and this too shall pass.

Love Unleashed Team x

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