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by Amy Sales, 4 weeks ago

Wondering what our booking process is like? Have a read! 

Booking a trip away can be overwhelming! Especially if it's your first time traveling without Mum and Dad. With Unleashed Grad Trips, all you have to worry about is turning up to the airport with your passport. Unleashed will take care of the rest for you!


About the Booking Process: 

Trip Planners

Throughout the entire Unleashed booking journey, our Trip Planners are available to address any inquiries you may have. Our booking process ensures you have the opportunity to converse with real individuals every step of the way. From making bookings to incorporating additional arrangements and sending deposit reminders, our Trip Planners manage it all for you. Our reservations and customer service teams are there to assist with financial queries, rooming arrangements, and any other concerns! The Unleashed Team is committed to guiding you through the process seamlessly.

Online Enquiry

The booking process initiates with the online enquiry form via our easy to navigate website. From there, the designated Trip Planner for your school will contact you via text (or if you'd prefer to call, that's fine too!). The Trip Planner will then assist with any questions you and have gather further details from you, such as your preferred travel destination, year of graduation, group size, and attending school. Once the Trip Planner has collected this information, they can suggest the most suitable trip options for you, along with date ranges and pricing details! They are able to assist with all the nitty gritty, from questions about activities, themes, special guests, accomodation options and more!

Create a Booking

When you're prepared to proceed with booking, your Trip Planner will collect essential information. Once the booking is created, each student will receive a personalised email from the Trip Planner. They will assist you with submitting your deposit. Once the deposit is paid, the student's spot is secured on the trip. This email will include a link to your dedicated booking portal, where you can arrange a payment plan (at no extra cost) and access all your trip details.

Even after the booking is finalised, the Trip Planner remains accessible via phone, text or email to address any inquiries you may have.



What is an Unleashed Trip Leader?

Keen to earn benefits, discounts and VIP experience on your trip?

Being an Unleashed Trip Leader offers you the chance to enjoy extra benefits for your Grad Trip. These perks range from complimentary activities (free floating party!), resort credits, and Unleashed merch to VIP status and even the possibility of receiving your trip completely for free! Unleashed Trip Leaders act as a bridge between the Trip Planner and the rest of the cohort, ensuring that every member of your grade has the opportunity to join in on Grad Trip. In exchange for this role, you could receive some amazing rewards for your own trip! If you are interested in becoming a Trip Leader for your school, reach out to your Trip Planner!


For Mum and Dad:

Unleashed recognises that it can be daunting to have your child travel without you. Unleashed are dedicated to alleviating your concerns. With a ratio of one Unleashed crew member to every 25 students, supplemented by support from Red Frogs teams, security, resort staff, and local law enforcement if necessary, Unleashed ensures a secure environment. We maintain a comprehensive medical team on-site, including nurses and doctors, and supplement this with our own medical coordinator. In the event of a serious medical incident, we have access to speed boats and helicopters for swift transfers back to the mainland, with parents promptly notified by the Unleashed Team.

Unleashed offers a 24/7 hotline throughout Grad Trip. We provide continuous access to our team for any concerns. Our exclusivity of the resorts sets us apart from other student companies. This ensures that only students, the Unleashed Crew, resort staff, and security are present on the premises. We guarantee that no unauthorised individuals, such as toolies or undesirables, have access to our resorts.
Further details regarding safety and medical care can be found on our
Parents Information Page.

But.... Why Unleashed?

Unleashed Grad Trips takes care of every detail for you! From flights and transfers to accommodation, three meals a day, endless activities, themed nightly parties, pre-game events, and more. Picture waking up in paradise, enjoying a morning swim in crystal-clear blue waters, followed by a delicious buffet breakfast. You can snorkel at the reefs or head to the Unleashed Floating Party, days are filled with options. Meet up with friends for buffet-style lunches and dinners. Head to the evening's pre-game, maybe trivia or karaoke? End your night dancing under the moonlight at our themed parties! Perhaps even earning the title and crown of Mr. or Mrs. Unleashed!

Unleashed ensures there's never a dull moment! We cater to both students seeking packed days of activities and those keen to unwind beachside. During the day, Unleashed offers a variety of activities such as pool parties, beach parties, sunset hikes, yoga sessions, scavenger hunts, snorkelling, paddle boarding, kayaking, and sports like volleyball, tennis, and basketball. Nighttime at Unleashed is equally vibrant with events like trivia nights, karaoke sessions, and themed parties. 

The resorts host a range of extra activities including cultural day, floating parties, jet skiing, skydiving, night snorkelling, off-island reef snorkelling, swimming with the dolphins, boat tours to nearby islands, tubing, surfing, and more! No matter your preference, there's always something exciting to do on an Unleashed Grad Trip!


It's easy to see why Unleashed is the best option for your Grad Trip! Unleashed offers a hassle-free and exciting experience for students planning their Grad Trip. With seamless booking, comprehensive support, and a focus on safety, Unleashed ensures that students can enjoy unforgettable adventures in Fiji. As the #1 schoolies company, Unleashed delivers a truly unique Grad Trip experience. It is your top choice for seeking the trip of a lifetime!

Blog written by: Mel Holt

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