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Information for Parents


Dear Parents

I am very excited that your son or daughter is considering travelling with Unleashed Travel. Each year we unite students as they develop their independence, celebrate their academic achievements and have fun with their classmates. I want to take this opportunity to talk to you about our trips and invite you to contact me with any questions.

Since our inception in 2007, Unleashed Travel has quickly become the market leaders in overseas school leaver holidays. Our focus is on creating trips that balance cultural experiences and quality time with friends. Unleashed Travel gives your child the ability to snorkel pristine waters and examine the precious corals of Fiji, teach English in Cambodia or build refuge housing in Thailand to name a few. Exploring new countries and cultures while enjoying time with friends in exotic locations is our ethos.

Our trips are designed to give the traveller a sense of independence although safety is of the utmost priority.  All Unleashed destinations are staffed by Unleashed Crew. The Unleashed Crew are experienced travellers who understand the balance between safe supervision and fun. The Unleashed Crew are on call 24/7 and take the role of the older brother or sister wanting their siblings to be safe and have fun with their friends. The Unleashed Crew are also the first people your son or daughter will see once they clear customs and exit the airport. The Crew will introduce themselves and escort them through the transfer process all the way to the resort where they reside until it is time to return them safely to the airport. If your son or daughter must leave the resort for any reason emergency or otherwise, they will be accompanied by a Crew member every step of the way.

Unleashed Travel go to great lengths to ensure that all travellers are safe from both themselves and others. With exclusive use of our resorts in Fiji and Vanuatu, all other unwanted guest are not able to set foot on the resort grounds. Our no Duty Free alcohol restrictions ensures that there is no unmonitored drinking in rooms and no bottles of alcohol available for dangerous binge drinking. We assist local authorities to conduct bag searches on arrival to prevent any contraband making its way into the resort. We ensure extra security and tourist police populate each resort, creating a sanctuary for your child to enjoy themselves and make this trip the one they always talk about for years to come.Jot Lynas - Schoolies Week

Our staff are available to discuss our trips in more detail and answer any concerns you may have and I encourage you to give us a call.


Jot Lynas

Managing Director


Key facts for Parents:

Expert staff available 24/7 on all trips


The “Unleashed Crew”:

The “Unleashed Crew” is a team of experienced travelers from various backgrounds including, youth workers, teachers, university students and personal trainers. The “Crew” are all senior first aid certified and experienced in managing groups. The role of the “Unleashed Crew” is:

1. Meet all Unleashed guests as they arrive at their destination. For example: When you arrive in Nadi airport you will clear customs and collect your bag and as you depart the terminal you will be met by the Unleashed crew and escorted on to the coaches.

2. Escort all Unleashed guests through the transfer process. For example: After boarding the bus in Nadi the crew will go with the you to Denerau and then escort you to the boats and then on to the island. The “Crew” are always approachable with questions, issues or concerns. The same service is applied to the return trip.

3. Available 24 hours. The “Unleashed Crew” are equipped with local mobile phones. Hotel/resort reception can call the crew anytime on your behalf.

4. On hand in case of emergency. If there is a situation whereby an Unleashed guest must leave the resort or island and visit a doctor or hospital then they will be escorted by an Unleashed Crew member. All locations have emergency action plans in place.

Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct outlines rules for students, including common sense guidelines pertaining to safety and behaviour. The code of conduct can be viewed in our pre-departure information. This must be agreed to by each traveller.


No duty-free alcohol

Bringing alcohol on to any island or into any resort is prohibited on all of our trips. We work with the local authorities to conduct bag searches and confiscate any contraband.


No toolies

‘Toolie’ is the name given to those that have enjoyed their own schoolies in the past and want to join the younger ones as they celebrate. The negative impact of the Toolies is very well broadcasted often-instigating fights and anti-social behaviour toward the younger schoolies. We have exclusive use of our resorts so anyone that is not wearing the appropriate identification is instantly removed from the property.

Extra Security

We insist on having huge amounts of security at all of the resorts we use. The security are typically managed by the police and are on duty 24 hours a day.


Mandatory travel insurance

Travel insurance is required for all Unleashed travellers. Travel insurance is available via your local travel agent or via the link below:


Exclusive use of island resorts

In Fiji and Vanuatu we charter our Island resorts exclusively, this means that the only guests are 17 and 18-year-old school leavers.



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Info for Parents

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