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We are the Fiji experts! We started the tradition of Fiji schoolies 12 years ago and we are simply the best at it, no questions asked. Watch out for wannabe trips that may copy us or try to promote themselves in the same way as us, but do not offer the same experience. If you want to travel to Fiji, you need to book with us! We're often imitated but never duplicated.

How we're different from the rest

Private Island exclusive to 17 & 18 year olds only!

Fiji Grad Trip
Schoolies in Aus
Meals Included Approx $60 per day - $420 per week
Flights Included $200+
Parties/Club Entry Included $150+
(must purchase additional “party pass”)
Transportation Included $50+
(taxis/ubers etc)
Activities Included Not available
Inclusive of 17 & 18 year olds at all events Included Not available
Students only (no locals, toolies etc) Included Not available
Themed Parties (all weeks) Included Not available
Beach Parties Included Included
Accommodation Included $900+
Water Sports Included $150+
Airport Transfer (transportation to and from airport) Included YES (additional with party pass)
International DJs Included Not available
Private Island Included Not available
Nightly Activities Included Not available
24/7 Crew Included Not available
24/7 Red Frogs Included Included
Room Bond $39 PP $200 PP
Luggage Included $50+
Cultural Experiences Included Not available
24/7 Hotel Access Included Not available

trip inclusions

We organise it all for you!

We take the stress out of planning your Grad Trip! We have over 12 years of experience creating life changing journeys for students and the best part about our trips is each day is filled with a new experience and you get to choose what you do! Below is what our trips include... Yep all of this is included!

Return Economy Flights

Return Transfers

Buffet Breakfast, Lunch,
and Dinner

Daily Activities

Unleashed Crew

Nightly Entertainment

Red Frogs Crew

Extra Security

Accommodation for
the trip period


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